Thor 4: Taika Waititi Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photos With Family on Marvel Set

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Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Taika Waititi with his daughter, Thor: Love and Thunder logo

Early in his filmmaking career, Taika Waititi was more or less a director best known for quirky, slightly off-kilter films like What We Do in the Shadows . That is, until he got a job with Marvel Studios to direct their seventeenth feature film and third Thor movie: Thor: Ragnarok .

If Waititi wasn't already on the map before Ragnarok , the blockbuster MCU film definitely placed his name firmly upon it. The New Zealand native, who also plays the character of Korg in the MCU, is currently in Australia with the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder , hard at work shooting the next installment of the Thor franchise.

Love and Thunder is expected to carry over Taika's signature, zany style from Thor: Ragnarok, reunite most of that film's cast and introduce several new characters.


Taika Waititi daughter children

Waititi, a father of two, shared on Instagram a selection of photos featuring his daughters visiting the set of Thor: Love and Thunder .

Taika Waititi daughters

Waititi's caption reads:

Reunited and it feels so gooooood! After many months of covid separation I finally got to see my bubbas again this week. Look how happy we are to be co-directing!

Taika Waititi daughters

As Thor: Love and Thunder began production in late January , the film will likely be nearing the end of principal photography in the coming weeks.

Taika Waititi daughters


Always the cut-up, Waititi was sure to crack a joke about everyone's serious expressions in some of the photos, saying "Look how happy we are..."

The other photos are sure to showcase some family harmony, something that is definitely not present in the Thor films (or the MCU as a whole for the most part). This largely came with Odin adopting Loki as a political tool and banishing Thor's evil sister Hela to another dimension for getting too big for her britches. So it's good to see some wholesome family bonding exists behind the camera, at least.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theaters on May 6, 2022.

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