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Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie is going to have quite a different role than normal in the upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder. At the end of Avengers: Endgame, the character was promoted to the King of New Asgard—a position she seems to still hold. Though the trailers suggest it isn't all fun and games—after all, there are politics to running a nation.

No matter what happens, fans will undoubtedly enjoy seeing the character back in action. This time she'll even get to meet Thor's ex-girlfriend, aka Natalie Portman's Jane Foster. The pairing of both of them seems to be a blast, at least from the footage fans have seen up to this point. Could audiences be witnessing the beginning of a dynamite friendship that'll endure long after the credits for Love and Thunder roll?

At the very beginning of this year, a set photo leaked online which spoiled Valkyrie's new Love and Thunder costume, a sleek black-and-white upgrade from her lighter look in Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame:

Valkyrie, Thor Love and Thunder costume

As exciting as it was to see her new costume at the time, that first look wasn't supposed to happen then. So how exactly did an image like that slip through the cracks?

Tessa Thompson Apologizes for MCU Selfie

In an interview with Fandango All AccessThor: Love and Thunder actress Tessa Thompson revealed how a picture of her new costume leaked online and what it was like working with the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

As for how Valkyrie's Thor 4 look was spoiled to fans a little early, the actress noted how "[she] sent [the] picture to [her] stepmom and she posted it on Instagram:"

“Oh, that… no. See… I sent a picture to my stepmom and she posted it on Instagram. Yeah, [it] wasn’t me and it’s a big thing. She feels terrible. I’m so sorry, Marvel. I’m so sorry, Disney. It’s not my fault. I will never– I’m never gonna send selfies again.”

Thor valkyrie poster

When it comes to playing dress-up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thompson revealed that she just "came to set to watch, because [she] wasn't in any of the Guardians stuff:"

 “Well I didn’t… I just came to set to watch, because I wasn’t in any of the Guardian stuff and I don’t remember which of them said it to me, but someone asked me, ‘Is it always like this?’ I was like, ‘Yes, it is…’ I think what you were saying Taika. I think it’s like… we’re used to a certain level of chaos. Like existing in a certain level of chaos because there’s always like the version that’s on the page and then… we throw that out and do a bunch… that we know probably… 95% of it will never get to be in the film, but you do it for the 5% that can live there.”

Taika Waititi, the film's director, chimed in, noting how the improv and looseness of his process helped them "enjoy the moment" rather than get lost in what's on the page:

 “... and also just for the fun of like, ‘We’re here, we got dressed up in these stupid costumes and we may as well like enjoy this moment rather than like just be prescriptive and just do the one line that’s written.’”

Marvel's Snipers at the Ready

Thankfully, Tessa Thompson has a solid standing and place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe—so booting her for leaking something was probably never in the cards for Marvel Studios. Though, she probably got a stern lecture at the least.

She's far from the only star to have slipped up. Mark Ruffalo once accidentally live-streamed from the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok, and more recently, one of the directors for Ms. Marvel posted images to Instagram that revealed new looks at Kamala's costume.

After her appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder, the leader will supposedly make an appearance in The Marvels. To make it better, it's rumored how both she and Carol Danvers could even be an item, which will no doubt get people talking.

Hopefully, Tessa Thompson has a long future in the MCU ahead of her and many more new costumes to try and keep secret.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

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