Thor 4 Reveals Expanded Look at Muscular Chris Hemsworth In New IMAX Trailer

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Chris Hemsworth as Thor, IMAX logo

Thor: Love and Thunder's marketing has been ramping up in the past weeks as the Chris Hemsworth-led sequel inches closer to its theatrical debut. The upcoming MCU flick revolves around the titular God of Thunder's journey into retirement, but the unexpected transition of Jane Foster into Mighty Thor and the surprise arrival of Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher have placed his plan for a peaceful self-discovery on hold. 

Given that Thor 4 is directed by Taika Waititi, who is the same director of 2017's Thor: Ragnarok, many have expected that the sequel would establish the same brand of comedy as the previous film. The trailers already proved those claims as they showcased Hemsworth's funny portrayal of the character, Korg's hilarious dialogue, and comedic bits that have the Waititi brand written all over. 

Now, a new version of Love and Thunder's latest trailer offers a different glimpse at one of the funniest scenes that were unveiled. 

A Closer Look at Naked Chris Hemsworth (Yes, Really)

A new IMAX version of Thor: Love and Thunder's latest trailer has surfaced online, featuring an expanded aspect ratio of some of the memorable scenes.

One of the most talked-about moments of the trailer showed Zeus flicking his fingers to remove Thor's cape, resulting in a funny shot of Chris Hemsworth's bare naked, muscular body.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Marvel Studios

In the IMAX trailer, fans now get an expanded, wider view of the God of Thunder's muscular body, specifically more of his lower abdomen. 

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Chris Hemsworth's semi-naked body is shown in its full glory: 

Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Marvel Studios

In comparison, here is the difference between the standard trailer and the IMAX footage: 

Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Marvel Studios

The full IMAX trailer can be seen below: 

Will Thor 4 Actually Show a Naked Chris Hemsworth?

It's safe to assume that Chris Hemsworth's diehard fans will rewatch and pause the naked Thor moment over and over again. The possibility of the scene being rewatched might have also been boosted, especially now that an expanded look has been confirmed to exist. 

Although the trailer blurred out Hemsworth's naked body, it's possible that a full look at the actor's behind will eventually be revealed in Thor: Love and Thunder's final cut, and there's evidence that this may end up happening.

In Thor: Ragnarok, Mark Ruffalo's Hulk was also naked during one scene, and the film didn't blur out his behind, thus drawing laughter from the viewing public. The same treatment may be done for Hemsworth during his fateful encounter with Russell Crowe's Zeus

It remains to be seen if Marvel Studios will pull the trigger and release another trailer for Love and Thunder. Whether the studio decides to unveil a final trailer or not, the hype for Thor 4 is still very much alive, thus indicating a strong momentum ahead of its release. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to premiere on July 8. 

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