The Witcher: New Data Reveals Viewership for Henry Cavill's Goodbye

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Newly released numbers revealed some shocking viewership data for Henry Cavill's goodbye in Netflix's The Witcher

The second half of Season 3 of the fan-favorite fantasy series just hit the streamer, as Cavill's take on protagonist Geralt of Rivia sails off into the sunset. 

It was announced back in October 2022 that following Season 3, Cavill would exit the streaming show and Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth would come in to play Geralt moving forward. 

Cavill's goodbye was then extended as the streamer opted to release The Witcher's latest season in two installments, with the latest and final part having come to the platform on Thursday, July 27. 

The Witcher Viewership Details Revealed

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Following the release of The Witcher Season 3 Part 2, new viewership numbers have been revealed for Henry Cavill's final episodes from the series. 

According to data analytics platform Samba TV, the first episode of Cavill's Witcher farewell was streamed in 547,000 US households during its first four days on Netflix. 

This is a significant drop from Part 1 of Season 3, whose first episode was seen by 1.1 million US households, albeit over a six-day period instead of four.

For comparison, last year's much-maligned Witcher Blood Origins spin-off was viewed by 1.3 million households across its first eight days. 

Some major hits Netflix has seen across that same four-day period include Stranger Things 4 (2.9 million), Outer Banks Season 3 (1.6 million), Bridgerton Season 2 (1.6 million), Extraction 2 (2.1 million), and The Gray Man (3.5 million).

Why Has The Witcher Seen a Viewership Dip?

Fans of Netflix's Witcher series will be wondering why exactly the monster-hunting series has taken a viewership dip like it has, especially as its star Henry Cavill departs. 

One would think with the former Superman actor saying his goodbyes, viewership metrics would increase, with audiences who have maybe left the series behind tuned back in to say their goodbyes to Cavill's take on the titular character. 

However, that has not happened. One reason for this drop could be general fatigue with Netflix's Witcher universe starting to set in. 

This latest season has received middling reviews from critics, sitting at a 76% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing.

Pair that with the franchise's last entry (Witcher: Blood Origin) being met with dismal reviews last fall, and maybe fans have soured on Netflix's take on this fantasy world.

The streamer has made it well known that it plans on moving forward on the series without Henry Cavill, so hopefully it can capture some of the viewership magic of past seasons

The Witcher Season 3 can be streamed on Netflix now.

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