The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 3 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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New quotes from one of the series' biggest stars offered an update on when fans can expect The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 3 to be released. 

The hit coming-of-age streaming drama has proven to be a massive success for Amazon Prime Video, with its charming young cast and teenage drama being a few points of praise called out by critics. 

Shortly after concluding its Season 2 run in August 2023, the hit streaming series was renewed by Prime Video for a third season; however, no release specifics were made public at that time. 

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 3 Filming Soon

The Summer I Turned Pretty wallpaper
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According to one The Summer of Pretty star, the hit Amazon Prime Video series' third season should film soon, potentially hinting at when fans can expect Season 3 to be released. 

Speaking with ET Online, Gavin Casalgno (known for playing Summer I Turned Pretty's Jeremiah Fisher) revealed he thinks filming for Season 3 will start "sometime this year," mentioning "March" as the absolute earliest the series could get back in front of cameras:

"I think we're filming in March. I have zero idea of a script. I don't even know. It could even be, like, filming in October or July. I'm just going off rumors... Sometime this year. Hopefully soon. I hope. That's all I got for you."

While Casalgno revealed nothing definitive in his filming tease (not even to settle on an exact date when production will begin again), his comments can help fans eager for more Summer I Turned Pretty to predict when Season 3 will be released. 

Both Seasons 1 and 2 of the teenage dramedy have debuted on Prime Video in the summer (how fitting). So, the streamer may be lining the series up for another summer debut. 

However, with filming having not started yet - even if it began imminently - that would be a tight turnaround to hit summer 2024. 

Instead, the play might be to film later this year, holding the series until summer 2025 to keep that sunshine and sandals theme the series is known for. 

Filming for Season 2 took around four months (July 2022 - November 2022) before being released eight months later in July 2023.

If production on Season 3 followed the same timeline (and gets started in March), then it would realistically be finished in July. Eight months after that would be March 2025, which would be a different release window for the series.

If Prime Video wanted the show to return as soon as possible, an early spring 2025 premiere could be possible. 

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What Will Happen in The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 3?

Heading into Season 3 of The Summer I Turned Pretty, fans will surely wonder what is next for Lola Tung's Isabel "Belly" Conklin and the Ficher boys. 

Luckily, there is a place where fans can get a taste of what comes next ahead of this next batch of episodes. 

The hit coming-of-age romance is based on a series of books of the same name by author Jenny Han. 

Thus far, the series has followed the books fairly closely, tackling one of Han's stories per season. 

Going by that logic, that would mean Season 3 will adapt the story of Han's We'll Always Have Summer

In fact, Han even teased the series will bring to life several "iconic moments of the third book" in Season 3 (via Deadline):

DEADLINE: "Since we now know we’re getting a third season, what have you been most looking forward to about adapting 'We’ll Always Have Summer?'"

HAN: "I am looking forward to giving the fans the iconic moments of the third book that they’re expecting, but also looking forward to being able to hopefully surprise and delight them as well."

This young adult literary drama sees the series' central character Belly engage in a relationship with Jeremiah Fisher (played by Gavin Casalegno) where everything seems hunky-dory.

However, with the pair heading off to college for the year, it is revealed Jeremiah cheated on her while working on his studies. 

This causes Belly to reevaluate her relationship with the one Fisher boy, realizing she may still be in love with the other, Conrad Fisher (played by Christopher Briney). 

Just as it seemed Belly and the Fisher boys had things figured out, this one transgression sends everything into freefall yet again. This means when the TV series does return, it will be yet another romantic roller coaster for fans to enjoy. 

The Summer I Turned Pretty is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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