The Mandalorian Spinoff: Jordan Bolger In Talks For Star Wars Prequel Series (Exclusive)

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Jordan Bolger, The Mandalorian

The world of The Mandalorian is expanding.

As the hit series approaches the midpoint of its second season, Din Djarin's story has seen the decommissioned bounty hunter cross paths with several familiar faces. The first episode of the season revealed the notorious Boba Fett, still at large amidst the sands of Tatooine. Bo-Katan Kryze recently made her live-action debut, with Ahsoka Tano's soon on the way as well.

But there's more. Former Disney CEO Bob Iger once said that The Mandalorian could inspire spinoff shows of its own, and they finally seem to be on their way. Following Fett's appearance in "Chapter 9 - The Marshal," it was reported by Deadline that the notorious bounty hunter could have a miniseries of his own. A team-up series starring Bo-Katan and Cara Dune was also said to be in development, though actress Katee Sackhoff seemed to have debunked the rumor.

So what's coming next? A new miniseries is reportedly in the midst of early production, with Sophie Thatcher's name attached. Little else is known about the show, but The Direct has obtained information regarding the casting of another actor joining the project.



The Direct has exclusively learned that actor Jordan Bolger is in talks with Lucasfilm for a supporting role in an upcoming spinoff series to The Mandalorian on Disney+.

Our sources indicate that this series will involve Boba Fett and will be set before the main events of The Mandalorian.

As supporting cast members, neither Thatcher nor Bolger will be the primary focuses of this show. All indicators point to the series being the spinoff starring Boba Fett, a prequel to his appearance in The Mandalorian.

Bolger is best known for playing Isiah Jesus in three seasons of Peaky Blinders as well as his portrayal as Miles Ezekiel Shaw in CW's The 100.

Thatcher and Bolger's castings create some interesting possibilities for the Boba Fett series. One of the early theories was that the events of the series would transpire after The Mandalorian Season 2, directly setting up the bounty hunter's role in the third season. In that case, Fett will likely be alone for the majority of the limited journey.

With the show now being a prequel to The Mandalorian, chances are exceedingly high that the setting will be Tatooine, following the infamous hunter's escape from the Sarlacc. Might Thatcher and Bolger's characters provide Fett with aide as he adjusts to his new way of living on the outer rim's giant dustball?

Boba Fett's story is just getting started. Where the bounty hunter ends up by the end of The Mandalorian's second season remains to be determined, but how he got to that point will undoubtedly be covered in the prequel series. Thatcher and Boger's roles are shrouded in secrecy, but all will be revealed in time. We will watch their careers with great interest.

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