The Mandalorian Director Deborah Chow Has Reportedly Had Multiple Conversations with Marvel Studios

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Even through a worldwide pandemic, Marvel Studios has been as vigilant as ever in regards to looking for new faces and talent to helm and star in a number of upcoming projects. Especially behind the scenes, the MCU has a reputation for turning unknown or upcoming directors into some of the biggest names in the entire movie industry (see Jon Favreau, the Russo Brothers, etc.). 

With over a dozen new projects on the way for Phase 4 in theaters and on Disney+, most of them in the earliest stages of production, Marvel Chief Content Officer Kevin Feige and his team have their work cut out for them to find the best of the best to bring these new projects up to the MCU standard. Sometimes, it takes years of discussion before Marvel does find the right person for the right job. News has just released concerning a new bright star that the studio wants to get their hands on as fast as possible.


In a new release from MCU Cosmic, Marvel Studios has been in contact with director Deborah Chow about a number of potential projects in the MCU's near future. There are no reports pointing to any specific projects in these discussions. Chow has most recently directed two episodes in the first season of The Mandalorian on Disney+.


With both Marvel and Lucasfilm falling under the massive Disney Studios bubble, it makes a great deal of sense that Kevin Feige and his team would be looking at Chow for one of their upcoming projects. She has a great deal of experience in the sci-fi/superhero genre having worked on a number of projects in that realm of cinema over the past couple of years, and she even already has a history on other Marvel projects.

Chow directed one episode each of Marvel's Iron Fist season 1 and Jessica Jones season 2 on Netflix, and even though both shows have a dicey relationship with their connection to the larger MCU, it's clear that Chow has the right background to take on a bigger project for the MCU. Rumors point to the most likely project for her to direct being Captain Marvel 2 in 2022, considering the studio is openly looking for a female director for that film. That doesn't rule out other projects though taking into account that The Eternals is being directed by Chloé Zhao, so it will be interesting to see exactly if and when she comes on board to join the team.

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