The Mandalorian: Chadwick Boseman Featured In Official Concept Art From Season 1

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The Mandalorian is no doubt one of the crown jewels of the Star Wars franchise on Disney+, especially after two successful seasons on the streaming service. Created by Jon Favreau, the hit series follows the galaxy-trotting adventure of Din Djarin and Grogu , with the former trying to help the latter to return to his own kind, the Jedi.

In two seasons, the pair had an inseparable bond, but the duo's friendship abruptly ended during last year's finale when Luke Skywalker showed up to save the day while also reclaiming Grogu for proper training.

On top of the heartfelt dynamic between the show's two lead stars, The Mandalorian also introduced a plethora of supporting characters. The series featured mind-blowing guest stars like Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka Tano and Katee Sackhoff's Bo-Katan , while also showcasing the return of Boba Fett from the original trilogy of the Skywalker Saga.

Given the stacked ensemble of characters of the show, it seems that there are still actors who didn't make the final cut.


Lucasfilm concept artist Brian Matyas, who led the character designs for The Mandalorian, sat down with the National Arts Club to discuss the award-winning Star Wars series, and a never-before-seen tidbit emerged during the interview.

A slideshow of Matyas' designs was played during the seminar, and during it the concept art of Idris Elba as Ranzar Malk was displayed.

For context, Ranzar is a character from “Chapter 6: The Prisoner” of Season 1 who is played by Mark Boone Jr. The villain was the former partner of Din Djarin, and he was responsible for forming a crew of mercenaries to breakout the Twi'lek Qin from a New Republic prison ship.

The Mandalorian Concept Art
The Mandalorian Concept Art

In a separate Instagram post, Matyas previously shared the fact that Elba was an actor that he previously had in mind to play Ranzar during Season 1.

“When I tried to get Idris Elba into Mando s1 as what later became Ranzar Malk, played by Mark Boone Jr.”

Shortly after Elba's character was featured in the slideshow, a concept art piece of the late Chadwick Boseman was shown, with the actor wearing an outfit with a signature Star Wars style.

The Mandalorian Concept Art
The Mandalorian Concept Art

It's currently unconfirmed which character Matyas envisioned Boseman as in The Mandalorian , but it's reasonable to assume that the late actor was also part of the dream casting list of Matyas during the behind-the-scenes progress of the show.


On the surface, the addition of both Idris Elba and the late Chadwick Boseman to The Mandalorian would've given the show a boost in terms of star-power. However, it seems unlikely that showrunners Favreau, Filoni, and even the higher-ups of Disney were actually considering the two actors for small roles in the series.

Despite that, it's good to know that Matyas envisioned the actors as part of the ensemble of The Mandalorian , and many would agree that it would've been a welcome surprise if the casting pushed through then.

Elba has been a staple in the Marvel universe, playing the all-seeing Heimdall in the first three Thor films, Avengers: Age of Ultron , and Avengers: Infinity War . Given his impressive acting performance in the MCU, it would've been a sight to see for the actor to transition into the galaxy far, far, away. If this ever happens in the future though, it's likely that Elba will be featured in a more prominent role, be it the core protagonist or the chief villain.

Boseman's passing in August 2020 is still sending shockwaves in the entertainment industry, but this latest piece of concept art should serve as a fitting reminder of the actor's overall impact. Similar to Elba, Boseman's inclusion in the famous space epic would've been a solid addition.

All in all, there is no denying the fact that The Mandalorian is home to amazing characters, and it will be interesting to see if more actors will join the expansive franchise down the road.

You can check out the full video below.

The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+.

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