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Continuing its streak of live-action remakes, Disney is dipping its tail back into the Little Mermaid well, with a blockbuster retelling of the classic animated adventure. 

While largely being the same story as the 1989 original, The Little Mermaid remake will feature a whole new cast of familiar and never-before-seen characters and will even feature some small narrative changes to be "respectful" of the societal norms of 2023

But who can fans expect to appear in Rob Marshall's aquatic adventure? Here's a list of every actor and character set to appear in The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid - Every Main Actor & Character They Play

Halle Bailey - Ariel


Starring as the titular little mermaid is American singer-songwriter, Halle Bailey. Bailey plays Ariel, the daughter of King Triton with an infatuation with the world above and the most beautiful singing voice in all the sea. After making a deal with the villainous sea witch, Ursula, Ariel is given the chance to live amongst the human world, but loses her voice and must fall in love or else she will be turned back into a mermaid. 

Bailey is best known for her Grammy-winning work as one-half of the R&B duo, as all as acting work in the hit ABC comedy Grown-ish. She is also set to star in the upcoming remake of the 1986 Oscar nominee, The Color Purple

Jonah Hauer-King - Eric


Opposite Halle Bailey's Ariel is Jonah Hauer-King's Prince Eric. Hauer-King plays a prince who falls madly in love with Bailey's Atlantean after she's come up on land to be amongst the people. While The Little Mermaid remake has been touted as "more modern" than the animated original, Prince Eric purportedly has a "very similar trajectory" to the source material.

Little Mermaid marks Hauer-King's big blockbuster break in Hollywood, after making appearances in films like A Dog's Way Home and the BBC television adaptation of Little Women

Daveed Diggs - Sebastian


Playing one of the most beloved characters in the annals of Disney history is Daveed Diggs as Sebastian the Crab. The singing and dancing crustacean serves as a close confidant of Javier Bardem's King Triton tasked with taking care of Ariel and keeping the ambitious Mermaid out of trouble. 

Diggs is best known for his work in the original cast of the smash-hit Broadway musical Hamilton and has made quite the career for himself since, starring in TNT's Snowpiercer series, Pixar's Soul, and the critically-beloved Blindspotting

Awkwafina - Scuttle


Another one of Ariel's animal friends is the eccentric seagull, played by comedian Awkwafina. Scuttle is a self-proclaimed human expert, living off the coast of Prince Eric's kingdom consults Ariel about the human world, offering (usually incorrect) expertise on what goes on above the surface. 

The Little Mermaid marks the third Disney project Awkwafina has been a part of in the last couple of years, starring in Marvel Studios' Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Disney Animation's Raya and the Last Dragon

Jacob Tremblay - Flounder


Of course, no Little Mermaid project would be complete without Ariel's scaly best friend, Flounder. This time around, Flounder is played by 16-year-old Jacob Tremblay. Tremblay's frantic fish is a bit of a worrywart, who frequently partakes in Ariel's adventures, despite his cowardly nature. 

Still being a teenager, Tremblay has quite the resume. The Canadian actor appeared alongside Brie Larson in her Oscar-winning performance in the 2015 drama Room, as well as starring roles in Wonder, Good Boys, and Pixar's Luca

Noma Dumezweni - Queen Selina


Noma Dumezweni takes on the role of Queen Selina in The Little Mermaid remake. Selina is an original character set to debut in the film, serving as the human queen and adoptive mother of Jonah Hauer-King's Prince Eric. 

Dumezweni is best known for her work in Disney's Mary Poppins Returns and the Speilbergian ode, The Kid Who Would be King

Javier Bardem - King Triton


Commanding the seas as the leader of Atlantica King Triton is Javier Bardem. Triton runs a tight ship (pun totally intended) in his undersea kingdom, as he protects his family - including Halle Bailey's Ariel - from the surface world and the humans that lurk above

The Academy Award-winning Bardem has appeared in a number of mega-hits over the years including the Coen Brothers' No Country for Old Men and Sam Mendes' James Bond epic, Skyfall

Melissa McCarthy - Ursula


Melissa McCarthy swims her way under the sea as the villainous Sea Witch, Ursula. McCarthy's tentacle-clad antagonist has been heralded as one of the best characters in the live-action remake, as she "helps" merfolk by granting their wishes, leaving them withering as polyps in her sea cave garden. She is the one responsible for stealing Ariel's voice and leaving the film's protagonist wishing she hadn't wished to be "part of your world."

McCarthy's most notable past projects include Bridesmaids, the Ghostbusters reboot, and even a cameo appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder

Jessica Alexander - Vanessa


Playing Ursula's human form Vanessa is Jessica Alexander. After it starts to look like Ariel will fulfill her deal with Ursula and share a kiss with Prince Eric, Ursula transforms herself into Vanessa, becoming the fiancee to Eric at the end of the original film's second act in an effort to deter his attention from Ariel. 

Jessica Alexander is an English actress and model who has appeared in Glass House, A Banquet, and the TV series Get Even

Art Malik - Sir Grimsby


Art Malik is The Little Mermaid's Sir Grimsby. Grimsby is the close advisor to the human Prince Eric, who is helping the young royal to find the girl of his dreams and live happily ever after. 

Malik has worked in Hollywood for more than thirty years appearing in True Lies, The Living Daylights, and Disney's John Carter

Martina Laird - Lashana


Martina Laird's Lashana is an original character to the live-action remake, serving as one of the maids for Jonah Hauer-King's Prince Eric. 

Laird's notable credits include Blitz, Holby City, and Dreamland

Emily Coates - Rosa


Another of Prince Eric's maids is Rosa, played by Emily Coates. Rosa is younger than the other maids and is a completely original character for the live-action remake. 

The Little Mermaid marks Coates' big-screen debut, having popped up in a number of TV series like Netflix's Cursed and The Great on Hulu.

Christopher Fairbank - Hawkins

Christopher Fairbank

Christopher Fairbanks brings Hawkins to life on-screen, serving as one of Prince Eric's shipmates seen during the many at-sea sequences of the film. 

Christopher Fairbank is a rebound character actor, having popped up for memorable parts as The Broke in Guardians of the Galaxy and Nic in 1989's Batman

John Dagleish - Mulligan

John Dagleish

John Dagleish's Mulligan is another of Prince Eric's shipmates working as the prince explores the open seas. 

Dagleish has appeared in blockbusters like Christopher Robin and DC's Zack Snyder's Justice League

Jude Akuwudike - Joshua

Jude Akuwudike

Jude Akuwudike plays Joshua. No info on the actor's character is currently known. 

Akuwudike has credits in films such as Beast of No Nation, Sahara, and The Tempest

Jodi Benson - Market Vendor

Jodi Benson

In a special cameo, the original voice of Ariel, Jodi Benson, plays a market vendor in Prince Eric's kingdom. 

Aside from her work in the original Little Mermaid and its subsequent sequel, Benson has appeared in Disney's Enchanted, Ralph Breaks the Internet and even lent her voice to the Toy Story franchise playing Mattel's iconic doll Barbie. 

Russell Balogh - Triton Guard #1


Serving as one of the guards of King Triton is English actor Russell Balogh. 

Balogh is best known for parts in the hit Vikings TV series and Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen

Adrian Christopher - Triton Guard #2

Adrian Christopher

Adrian Christopher is also one of King Triton's royal guards, keeping the realm of Atlantica and its royal family safe. 

Christopher was most recently in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, and has appeared in other films such as The Mummy and 28 Days Later

Lorena Andrea - Perla


Lorena Andrea plays one of Ariel's six Atlantean sisters, Perla.

Andrea can be seen in Netflix's Warrior Nun and the Rami Malek-starring film, Papillon

Simone Ashley - Indira


Simone Ashley is Indira, another of Ariel's sisters. 

Ashely has appeared in the hit Netflix series Sex Education and Bridgerton, as well as Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Kajsa Mohammar - Karina


Karina is played by Kajsa Mohammar, who is also one of Ariel's sisters. 

Mohammar's past credits include Viking Destiny and a voice in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Nathalie Sorrell - Caspia


Nathalie Sorrell takes on the role of Caspia, another daughter of King Triton.

Sorrell has one other credit, appearing in 2007's Hotel Very Welcome

Karolina Conchet - Mala


Ariel's sister Mala will be portrayed by Karolina Conchet. Mala is set to have a big part in the upcoming film, as the official Little Mermaid novelization revealed she will be abducted with Ariel and her sisters tasked with getting her back. 

Conchet's best known for Valentin Valentin and The Bird.

Sienna King - Tamika


And the last of Ariel's sisters is Sienna King's Tamika. 

King has appeared in a number of short films including Sunday Dinner, Love Locs, and Utopic Dystopia.

The Little Mermaid swims its way into theaters on Friday, May 26. 

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