Little Mermaid's Halle Bailey Reveals 1 Marvel Superhero She Wants to Play

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Halle Bailey Marvel X-Men

The rapidly expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe has found roles for a huge array of Hollywood talent, to the point there's barely a star who hasn't appeared in a superhero film. It's a hugely appealing franchise for any actor, and Halle Bailey is just the latest to voice her interest in a Marvel role.

The Grammy Award-nominated singer and actress is set for stardom with her role as Ariel in Disney's upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. The film won't hit cinemas until 2023, but Bailey's performance is already making waves (pun intended) at D23. 

Bailey has shot down rumors of her casting in the MCU before, but now she's addressed the superhero role she would like to take on should the opportunity arise.

Halle Bailey's Dream Marvel Role

Halle Bailey

When asked by Variety at D23 what her dream role in the MCU would be, Halle Bailey said "any Marvel superhero would just be amazing," but that playing X-Men's Storm "would be cool":

"I think any Marvel superhero would just be amazing. I mean I love Storm... I love so many. I mean that would just be cool."

Is A Storm Coming For The MCU?

While the X-Men team are essential Marvel characters, they've yet to be introduced to the MCU. This is mainly due to licensing issues, as Fox previously held the screen rights to the superhero team, but now that the Disney-Fox merger is complete, there's reason to believe the X-Men are on the way.

Marvel Studios recently planted the seed of mutants in the MCU with the reveal in the finale of Ms. Marvel that Kamala Khan has a "mutation". Kevin Feige has also been very clear about his intention to bring the X-Men into the Marvel universe; now the question is when.

Another question is who will make up that X-Men team. Many have already expressed interest in joining, with the likes of Taron Egerton rumored for Wolverine and now Halle Bailey voicing interest in Storm. 

Marvel is expected to make some more major casting announcements at its D23 presentation this weekend, but whether an X-Men reveal is among them remains to be seen. 

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