The Little Mermaid 2: Remake Stars Reveal Their Sequel Hopes

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Little Mermaid Halle Bailey

After Disney's live-action remake of The Little Mermaid debuted in theaters, its stars are already looking ahead to the chances of The Little Mermaid 2 being made.

Halle Bailey and Melissa McCarthy are officially on the big screen delivering the live-action The Little Mermaid, recreating the 1989 blockbuster for a modern-day audience.

Fans and critics have praised this live-action remake, even calling it the best one that Disney's made in recent years. And with chatter like that, the natural question is whether that reception will push Disney toward making a sequel to this story.

The Little Mermaid Stars on Sequel Chances

Little Mermaid with Prince in Live-Action movie

Speaking with Narcity, The Little Mermaid stars Halle Bailey and Jonah Hauer-King addressed whether they would reprise their roles if The Little Mermaid 2 were made.

Bailey mentioned her love for the animated sequel, The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea, mentioning how it includes "a reverse thing" where Ariel's daughter, Melody, is eager and curious about the ocean:

Narcity: "What are the chances we see you both in a sequel?

Bailey: "Ooh..."

Hauer-King: "In the second one, I think, do they become…what happens there?"

Bailey: "In the second one, they have a girl, a baby girl, and she wants to go into the water, it’s like a reverse thing. I love that movie."

Hauer-King also joked about his Prince Eric being a merman so that the sequel could "also somehow evolve that storyline" with Ariel:

Hauer-King: "I would be up for doing it. I kinda would like to also be a merman, so we can also somehow evolve that storyline with her."

Bailey: "Swim in the water."

Hauer-King: "Yeah!"

Will The Little Mermaid 2 Happen?

As The Little Mermaid starts off its impressive run at the global box office, Disney is surely looking at what it could do with a sequel to this blockbuster movie already.

Of course, there is enough material in The Little Mermaid 2 to adapt that story to the big screen effectively should the cast, crew, and studio be willing to tackle that adventure, even though that movie never hit theaters.

And with many fans enjoying the new songs added to this movie along with the classic tunes from the 1989 original, there's no doubt that Disney would be able to continue this legacy behind Halle Bailey's efforts as Ariel.

To this point, not many of the live-action remakes of animated movies have officially gotten sequels, with new projects like the live-action Moana being pushed for development at this time.

But considering how much money the new film has earned and how positive the reviews have been thus far, the option is certainly on the table for Disney to move forward with more deep-sea tales.

The Little Mermaid is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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