The Flash Movie Blu-ray Release Date Potentially Revealed by New Listing

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Even though The Flash just arrived in theaters on June 16, an online listing may have already revealed when to expect its Blu-ray. 

On-screen, The Flash is a Multiversal DC film starring Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, and Michael Keaton, along with a few familiar cameos.

But off-screen, The Flash stands as one of the last DCU films from the old studio regime ahead of James Gunn and Peter Safran's upcoming reboot.

When Will The Flash Release on Blu-ray?

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The Flash's pre-order listing on revealed September 5 as the film's physical release date. 

While this date isn't official, has a record of credibility, suggesting September 5 is likely the current projected date. 

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Warner Bros.

In the past, Warner Bros.' release pattern has been theaters first, followed by digital renting and purchase, streaming on Max (formerly HBO Max), and then purchase via Blu-ray and 4K discs.

However, the time between those benchmarks tends to vary.

If the September 5 date is accurate, and since The Flash debuted in theaters on June 16, 81 days will separate the film's premiere and its Blu-ray drop (and likely its Max premiere, as well)

In contrast, Shazam! Fury of the Gods Blu-ray arrived only 67 days after its theatrical debut and in conjunction with its Max streaming debut.

Will The Flash's Release Follow Shazam 2 Formula?

The reason for these varying times between releases is likely due to a film's box office performance. 

When Shazam 2 was deemed a flop, the studio greenlit the sequel's digital purchase for a mere 32 days after its theatrical premiere.

While Blu-ray release dates are more concrete, given that it's physical media as opposed to digital, when Warner Bros. makes The Flash available for digital purchase may signal if the film's September 5 Blu-ray date was accurate or only wishful thinking. 

Despite early praise for The Flash, the film has received a confusing mix of reviews, along with the worst audience score in DCEU history

If its ticket sales in the coming days prove to be equally lackluster, and ahead of upcoming competition like Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Barbie, and Oppenheimer, The Flash could follow Shazam 2 in coming home earlier than expected.

The Flash is playing in theaters worldwide. 

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