Full Cast of The Burial Movie: Every Actor & Character In Amazon Prime Movie

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The Burial, Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee Jones

Amazon Prime Video's latest legal drama, The Burial, has an all-star cast portraying complex and compelling characters. 

Directed by Maggie Betts, The Burial is based on the true story of how a lawyer named Willie E. Gary represented Jeremiah Joseph O'Keefe against the Loewen Funeral Group, tackling themes of corruption within a huge corporation. 

After its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2023, The Burial was released on Prime Video on October 13.

Every Main Actor & Character in The Burial

Jamie Foxx - Willie E. Gary

Jamie Foxx as Willie E. Gary in The Burial
Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx's Willie E. Gary is a passionate lawyer who represented his client, Jeremiah O'Keefe, in a funeral home case against the Loewen Group. 

Although Gary only has limited experience in contract law, Willie is dedicated to bringing down the corrupt corporation while also helping Jeremiah receive an appropriate settlement for the case. 

Marvel fans may recognize Jamie Foxx for his role as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Aside from his superhero villain gig, the actor is also known for his past acting stints in Django Unchained, They Cloned Tyrone, God Is a Bullet, and Baby Driver

Tommy Lee Jones - Jeremiah O’Keefe

Tommy Lee Jones as Jeremiah O’Keefe in The Burial
Tommy Lee Jones

Jeremiah O'Keefe is brought to life by veteran actor Tommy Lee Jones. 

Jeremiah is a funeral home owner from Biloxi, Mississippi who incurred debts over the years to make ends meet with his business. However, as the debts became harder to manage, he decided to sell a part of his home to the Loewen Group, but ultimately, the deal went wrong. 

Jeremiah's family business involves eight funeral homes and one burial insurance company. 

As a result, Jeremiah sought the help of Willie Gary to sue the corporation. 

Perhaps best known for his role as Agent K in the Men in Black movies, Jones has quite a stellar career over the years, previously appearing in notable projects like Captain America: The First Avenger, No Country for Old Men, and Natural Born Killers.

Jurnee Smollett - Mame Downes

Jurnee Smollett as Mame Dowes
Jurnee Smollett

On the other side of the trial, Jurnee Smollett's Mame Downes is a fierce and intimidating lawyer who represented the Loewen Group in court. 

Downes is a graduate of Howard University who goes face-to-face in an intense clash in court against Willie E. Gray, and her main goal is to take O'Keefe's business down as well as his charismatic lawyer.

Smolett previously played Black Canary alongside Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey. The actress' other credits include Jack, Eve's Bayou, The Great Debaters, Spiderhead, and The Twilight Zone.

Alan Ruck - Mike Allred

Alan Ruck as Mike Allred in The Burial
Alan Ruck

Mike Allred is Jeremiah O'Keefe's longtime friend and attorney (for almost 30 years) who accompanied him to Vancouver to sell a total of three funeral homes to Loewen Group CEO Ray Loewen. The character is played by Succession alum Alan Ruck.

Ruck previously appeared in Speed, Twister, and Cheaper by the Dozen. The actor is also known for playing Cameron Frye in Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Mamoudou Athie - Hal Dockins

Mamoudou Athie as Hal Dockins in The Burial
Mamoudou Athie

Hal Dockins (played by Mamoudou Athie) is Jeremiah O'Keefe's junior counsel who approached Willie Gary to ask him to take the case against the Loewen Group. 

During the early moments of The Burial, Jeremiah described Hal as a new lawyer who is "hungry for experience." He served as a loyal ally to the O'Keefe family throughout the trial. 

Athie recently lent his voice to Wade Ripple in Pixar's Elemental. The actor also appeared in notable big-screen movies, such as Jurassic World Dominion, The Circle, Black Box, and Underwater

Pamela Reed - Annette O’Keefe

Pamela Reed as Annette O'Keefe as The Burial
Pamela Reed

Jeremiah's loving and supportive wife, Annette O'Keefe, is played by Pamela Reed. 

In The Burial, Annette tells Jeremiah to rethink suing Raymond Loewen and the Loewen Group because she thinks that they may lose. However, Jeremiah seems ready to take the risk. 

Reed is known for her roles in Proof of Life, The Right Stuff, and Kindergarten Cop

Bill Camp - Raymond Loewen

Bill Camp as Raymond Loewen in The Burial
Bill Camp

Bill Camp portrays Loewen Group CEO Raymond Loewen, the head of the company who made a deal with Jeremiah O'Keefe about purchasing three of his funeral homes. 

During the initial negotiation, Bill told Jeremiah that his strategy is to "buy as many funeral homes as [he] can and put [himself] in a position to [see] the Golden Era of the Death."

Unfortunately for Jeremiah, the deal didn't push through since Bill had yet to sign the contract even though months had already passed. Hal Dockins theorized that Bill simply wanted Jeremiah's business to crash and burn so that he could buy all of his funeral homes instead.

Camp is known for his roles in highly acclaimed films like 12 Years A Slave, Birdman, Molly's Game, and Vice. The actor also appeared on the small screen in The Queen's Gambit and The Night Of

Amanda Warren - Gloria Gary

Amanda Warren as Gloria Gary in The Burial
Amanda Warren

Amanda Warren plays Gloria Gary, Willie's wife and childhood sweetheart. 

Gloria loves her husband and she always reminds him to stay humble and never forget where he came from. 

Warren's most famous role is playing Lucy Warburton in The Leftovers. She also appeared in Dickinson and NCIS: New Orleans

Dorian Crossmond Missick - Reggie Douglas

Dorian Crossmond Missick as Reggie Douglas in The Burial
Dorian Crossmond Missick

Playing Willie E. Gary's partner is Dorian Crossmond Missick as Reggie Douglas.  

During the initial meeting with Jeremiah O'Keefe and Hal Dockins, Reggie was not a fan of Willie taking the case since he is not a black client and they don't get involved with contract law. 

Missick is famous for his roles in Southland, Lucky Number Slevin, and Big Words.

Lance E. Nichols - James E. Graves Jr.

Lance E. Nichols as James E. Graves Jr. in The Burial
Lance E. Nichols

Judge James E. Graves Jr., is played on-screen by Lance E. Nichols. 

The character presides over the trial for the case filed by Jeremiah O'Keefe against Raymond Loewen and the Loewen Group. 

Nichols has over 200 acting credits to his name, and some of his notable roles include American Outlaws, Cherish the Day, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Billy Slaughter - Robert Sperry

Billy Slaughter
Billy Slaughter

Billy Slaughter's Robert Sperry is a member of the Loewen Group who introduced Jeremiah O'Keefe, Hal Dockins, and Mike Allred to its CEO Raymond Loewen to discuss the deal about selling the funeral homes to the corporation. 

Slaughter has had an illustrious acting career, previously appearing in The Magnificent 7, Daddy's Home, Mindhunter, and American Horror Story

Tywayne Wheatt - Al Jones

Tywayne Wheatt as Al Jones in The Burial
Tywayne Wheatt

Tywayne Wheatt's Al Jones is a member of Willie E. Gray's team who took part in the strategizing session against the Loewen Group. 

Wheatt previously appeared in Stargirl, Shaft, and The Outlaws

Keith Jefferson - Dashaan Harris

Keith Jefferson as Dashaan Harris in The Burial
Keith Jefferson

Dashaan Harris (played by Keith Jefferson) is another member of Willie E. Gray's team who helps win the case for Jeremiah O'Keefe. 

Jefferson reunited with Jamie Foxx in The Burial after appearing together in Netflix's Dayshift. The actor is also known for his roles in The Hateful Eight, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Django Unchained

B.J. Clinkscales - Chris Wakefield

B.J. Clinkscales
B.J. Clinkscales

Another member of Willie E. Gray's legal team is Chris Wakefield, a character played by B.J. Clinkscales. 

Clinkscales's notable roles in the past include appearances in Fear the Walking Dead, Sylvie's Love, and Ray Donovan.

Doug Spearman - Richard Mayfield

Doug Spearman
Doug Spearman

Part of Raymond Loewen's legal team is Doug Spearman's Richard Mayfield. 

Hal Dockins told Willie E. Gary that Mayfield is "one of the leading experts on antitrust and complex business litigation," thus posing a threat in their trial. 

Spearman's past acting credits include From Zero to I Love You, Law & Order True Crime, We Have a Ghost, and Noah's Arc

Dave Maldonado - Jim Lafont

Dave Maldonado
Dave Maldonado

Dave Maldonado's Jim Lafont is an insurance agent who informed Jeremiah O'Keefe that he was initially required to maintain "certain minimum funds in [his] account at all times," indicating that the funeral owner about his financial trouble. 

Throughout Maldonado's expansive Hollywood career, the actor appeared in several movies and TV shows, such as Into the Ashes, Your Honor, and Deepwater Horizon

Dennis Hornsby - Peter

Dennis Hornsby
Dennis Hornsby

Dennis Hornsby plays Peter, Hal Dockins' intern who initially discovered the deal that the Loewen Group made with the National Baptist Convention that turned the tide of the case to Willie and Jeremiah's favor. 

Hornsby previously appeared in Side C and Worth It.

Erika Robel - Lorraine McGrath

Erika Robel
Erika Robel

Lorraine McGrath (played by Erika Robel) is a former employee of a Loewen-owned funeral home for 13 years. 

She told Hal Dockins about the shady dealings of Raymond Loewen's company, leading her to testify against the corporation during the trial. 

Robel is known for her roles in The Blacklist and Fully Engaged.

Fracaswell Hyman - Ruben Soames

Fracaswell Hyman
Fracaswell Hyman

Fracaswell Hyman plays Ruben Soames, the person whom Hal Dockins found to learn more about the Loewen Group's deal with the National Baptist Convention, which was one of the largest single branches of the Black Church. 

Hyman is a screenwriter known for his projects, such as Taina, Romeo!, and The Famous Jett Jackson

Jalene Mack - Jury Foreman

Jalene Mack
Jalene Mack

Jalene Mack appears as the Jury Foreman who announced the court's decision to grant Jerry a total of $500 million while also finding Loewen guilty of all charges. 

Mack is known for her roles in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Better Call Saul

The Burial is now streaming on Prime Video.

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