The Brothers Sun Season 2 Gets Hopeful Update from Creator

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Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun, Michelle Yeoh as Mama Sun in episode 107 of The Brothers Sun

Byron Wu, the creator and writer of Netflix's The Brothers Sun series, addressed the fans who are hoping to see the action comedy move into Season 2.

Starring Michelle Yeoh and Justin Chien, The Brothers Sun follows a Taipei gangster who is trying to protect his mother and brother amid a gang war.

All eight episodes of the show premiered on Netflix on January 5.

Will There Be a Season 2 of The Brothers Sun?

Michelle Yeoh in The Brothers Sun

In an interview with Deadline, The Brothers Sun co-creator and writer Byron Wu was asked for an update on the current status of Season 2, particularly if it is being planned.

Wu gave a hopeful response, stating that he would "love to do Season 2," while also pointing out that this is the "first" time he's ever been able to work on a TV show:

"Listen, we’d love to do Season 2. Let’s hope we get those Netflix numbers going. And for me, I’m just hoping we get season two. This is my first, well I don’t know, show. I think my only other credit on IMDB is like an AFI short film." 

In a separate interview with Los Angeles television station KTLA, Wu was asked once again what "the best result" could be from Season 1 of The Brothers Sun being on Netflix.

Wu answered by simply saying the Netflix "Top 10" list would "definitely" be the goal (it sits at number three on that list as of writing):

"Oh man, we want to be number one on that (Netflix) Top 10. That's definitely our goal here."

Asked about the possibility of there being more stories to tell within the universe, the creator once again admitted that he and the rest of the cast and crew "would love to do a Season 2:"

"Oh, absolutely. We would love to do a Season 2, I mean, we had such a great time, it was such a great crew and cast, we would love to be able to do it all again."

Lead actor Justin Chien (who sat beside Wu during the interview) was also asked about his thoughts on a potential Season 2, and the actor quickly stated that "few things would make [him] happier:"

"Few things would make me happier. I mean, this by far has been my proudest work and it was so special in terms of the character and in terms of the story, but also in terms of the other people that I got to meet. Brad (Falchuk), Byron (Wu), Kevin (Tancharoen), Viet (Nguyen), Michelle (Yeoh), Sam (Song Li), I can't name them all, but being able to do it with them..." 

Chien then stated that being on set and working with everyone involved was like being a part of a "family," and that no matter what, he will always think of them in that manner "for the rest of [his] life:"

"We throw the word 'family' around a lot in terms of meaning your co-workers and in terms of telling a story, but this truly does feel like my family and they'll be my family for the rest of my life."

What Could Happen in The Brothers Sun Season 2?

The Season 1 finale of The Brothers Sun initially made it seem as though all of the conflict had been resolved and everyone could live happily ever after.

Eileen, June, and Charles began their journey back to Taiwan, Bruce continued on with his studies, and Big Sun was in the hospital immobilized and awaiting trial.

However, in a post-credits scene, it was revealed that Big Sun's right-hand man, Yuan, was told by a mysterious figure that Frank Ma can testify against the other heads of the Triad, but that he won't be found before the trial, setting up that something will definitely go wrong.

Creators Wu and Falchuk made it clear that Big Sun is not even remotely out of the picture, telling Netflix in a statement that he is "not an enemy that accepts defeat easily:"

"The end of the season is a happy moment for the family, but when you’re living as a gangster, you can never truly relax. And Big Sun is not an enemy that accepts defeat easily."

It seems as though Wu and Falchuk already have plans for what will come in Season 2, and whatever it is will almost definitely include Big Sun once again.

If The Brothers Sun does continue to perform well on Netflix, fans shouldn't have any worries regarding it getting the green light for a Season 2.

The Brothers Sun is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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