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Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh headlines the strong Asian cast of The Brothers Sun on Netflix

The Brothers Sun revolves around a Taiwanese-American family who needs to outrun their dark past while also getting entangled in a gang war that puts their lives in danger. 

The eight-part series made its debut on Netflix on January 4.  

Every Main Cast Member of The Brothers Sun

Michelle Yeoh - Eileen Sun

Michelle Yeoh as Eileen Sun
Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh leads The Brothers Sun as Eileen Sun, Big Sun's wife and Charles and Bruce's mother. 

Eileen is not a woman to be messed with. While she is a caring mother on the outside, Eileen is a calculating and strategic person. 

In the past, Yeoh's character fled Taiwan alongside Bruce to escape the complicated triad history of her husband's family. Eileen also reveals that Bruce is not aware of the family's inner workings in Taiwan. 

Yeoh is an incredible actress known for her Academy Award-winning performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once. The actress also appeared in notable movies like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Crazy Rich Asians, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Justin Chien - Charles Sun

Justin Chien as Charles Sun
Justin Chien

Justin Chien brings Charles Sun to life, Eileen and Big Sun's eldest son and a master martial artist. 

Outside of his love for baking, Charles is a cold-blooded killer and is the son of Taipei's crime kingpin. When death comes knocking on his door, Charles needs to fulfill his father's wishes and go to Los Angeles to reunite and protect his mom and brother from their families' enemies. 

However, entering an unfamiliar place like California proves to be a massive challenge for Charles, and he will need to team up with his brother to fend off lurking enemies from both past and present.

Speaking with Netflix's TUDUM, Chien described his character as a "rather tortured, broken soul:"

“I think of Charles as a rather tortured, broken soul who has aspirations for the simpler things in life that normal people perhaps sometimes take for granted, like peace and joy and happiness and love."

Chien is best known for his roles in Sun Moon and Two Sides: Unfaithful.

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Sam Song Li - Bruce Sun

Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun
Sam Song Li

Bruce Sun (played by Sam Song Li) is Charles' brother, a Lyft driver, and a college student who is not aware of his family's history as the Dragon Head of Taipei, Taiwan. 

In The Brothers Sun, Bruce is struggling to find his purpose in life. This is on top of finding ways to pay for his education and pursuing his dream of improv acting. 

Bruce's life changes when his brother, Charles, arrives in California, leading to his eventual discovery of dark family secrets. 

Li spoke with TUDUM to talk about what to expect from Bruce in The Brothers Sun, noting his character's similarities to his life in the real world: 

“I remember reading that and just going, ‘Oh, my goodness. This sounds an awful lot like my own life.’ I was raised by a single mom in the 626 in San Gabriel. And I was studying something that my mom wanted me to but I also did not want to study. And I ended up wanting to pursue being an actor.”

Li has credits in Never Have I Ever, Home Economics, and Better Call Saul.

Highdee Kuan - Alexis Kong

Highdee Kuan as Alexis Kong
Highdee Kuan

Highdee Kuan plays an assistant district attorney in Los Angeles named Alexis Kong. Alexis and Charles have a history since they grew up together in Taipei. 

Kong appears in Episode 2 while she is investigating what happened to June Song's base of operations. She is confident, intelligent, and extremely driven by her job. 

Kuan's past notable projects include Quantum Leap, You, Proximity, and This Is Us.

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Joon Lee - TK Lee

Joon Lee as TK Lee
Joon Lee

TK Lee is Bruce's best friend who has ties to the local drug trade in Los Angeles. The character is played on-screen by Joon Lee. 

TK and Bruce are the comedic duo in The Brothers Sun, and their banter is one of the show's bright spots. TK Lee is also a big fan of Charles, and he wants to follow in his footsteps to become a kingpin someday. 

The Brothers Sun marks Joon Lee's first major role. 

Jon Xue Zhang - Blood Boots

Jon Xue Zhang as Blood Boots
Jon Xue Zhang

Jon Xue Zhang's Blood Boots is a loyal ally of the Sun family from Taiwan who will do anything in his power to protect Charles. 

Outside of his lethal self, Blood Boots is a cheerful person on the inside. 

Zhang has credits in Eternals, Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw, and The Continental.

Jenny Yang - Xing

Jenny Yang as Xing
Jenny Yang

Completing the pair of loyal enforcers who work for the Sun family is Jenny Yang as Xing.

At the beginning of The Brothers Sun, Xing says that she killed somebody in the docks, leading to Charles' speculation that it could've been her actions that kickstarted the whole murder spree against his family. 

Yang is a comedian whose credits include Enemies of Dorothy, Nuclear Family, and The Great North.

Alice Hewkin - June Song

Alice Hewkin as June Song
Alice Hewkin

Alice Hewkin plays June Song, the sister of the leader of the local drug trade in Los Angeles who is TK's boss. 

Aside from being associated with drug dealings, June is an expert in tattoos and knives and is a master combatant. She appears to seek revenge for the death of her sister.

Hewn previously appeared in Sex Education, Emily in Paris, and Stella.

Madison Hu - Grace Hwang

Madison Hu as Grace Hwang
Madison Hu

Madison Hu joins the cast of The Brothers Sun as Bruce's classmate and romantic interest, Grace Hwang.

Grace's chemistry with Bruce is undeniable from the start, and they share a strong bond throughout the series. 

In Episode 2, Grace and Bruce are seatmates during the test that holds eight percent of their grade.

Hu is known for her roles in Voyagers, The Boogeyman, and Bizaardvark.

Johnny Lou - Big Sun

Johnny Lou as Big Sun
Johnny Lou

Johnny Lou brings his talents to the Netflix show as Big Sun, Charles and Bruce's father, Eileen's husband, and the leader of Taipei's criminal triad. 

Big Sun made a lot of enemies in his past, eventually catching up to him when he is fatally shot during the opening moments of the series. 

Lou is a famous actor from Taiwan who has credits in Reclaim, The Penalty Zone, and Bitter Sweet.

Zhang Wang - Yuan

Zhang Wang as Yuan
Zhang Wang

Zhang Wang's Yuan is Big Sun's No. 2 who oversees the operations in Taiwan while his boss is in a coma. 

Wang previously appeared in The Five Minutes, Where Dreams Rest, and Legion.

Rodney To - Detective Mark Rizal

Rodney To as Mark Rizal
Rodney To 

Detective Mark Rizal is Alexis Kong's colleague who is part of the investigation team behind the mysterious emergence of a gang war in Los Angeles. The character is played by Rodney To. 

Parks and Recreation fans may recognize To due to his appearance as Typhoon in the series. The actor also appeared in Barry, Rosewood, and Good Girls.

Johnny Chen - Drowsy Lee

Johnny Chen as Drowsy Lee
Johnny Chen

Drowsy Lee (played by Johnny Chen) is Sleepy Chan's son who threatens Charles during the meeting of the triads.

Some of Chen's notable works include Life Plan A and B, 100 Days, and Island Nation

Ben Wang - Sleepy Chan

Ben Wang as Sleepy Chan
Ben Wang

Ben Wang brings Sleepy Chan to life, the leader of the rival gang of the Sun family who is initially believed to be the suspect behind Big Sun being shot.

Wang is known for his roles in Legion, Disrupted, and Launchpad.

Ron Yuan - Frank Ma

Ron Yuan as Frank Ma
Ron Yuan

Another member of the Triad from Taiwan is Ron Yuan's Frank Ma. He is one of the targets of the boxers, but he is saved by Mama Sun's plan to get rid of some of them. 

Yuan has credits in Mulan, The Monkey King, and All Signs of Death.

Andy Le - Justin Wang 

Andy Le as Justin Wang
Andy Le

Andy Le plays Justin Wang, a member of Charles' inner circle who bullies Bruce in Episode 7. 

Le is best known for his role as Death Dealer in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The actor also appeared alongside Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere All At Once

The Brothers Sun is now streaming on Netflix.

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