Will Brothers Sun Season 2 Happen? Lead Actor Shares Update

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Justin Chien as Charles Sun in episode 101 of The Brothers Sun.

The actors behind Brothers Sun on Netflix provided their thoughts on is a Season 2 will happen. 

The action comedy series from Glee co-creators Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu punched and kicked its way onto the streamer in early 2024, exploring a family's hidden criminal past through the eyes of a teenage Asian-American Bruce Sun (played by Sam Song Li). 

Song Li joined a packed cast including the likes of Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh, for the single-season venture with no word of a second batch of episodes having been made public. 

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The Brothers Sun Season 2 Gets a Tease

The Brothers Sun dinner table

In a recent interview, The Brothers Sun stars Justin Chien, Jenny Yang, and Joon Lee teased the idea of a potential second season for the Netflix series.

Speaking on Fun With Dumb, Chien, Yang, and Lee revealed that fans should "support" the show if they want a Season 2, remarking that Netflix is still "crunching the numbers:"

Dumbfoundead: "Go support if you wanna see a Season 2, because they're on a heavy campaign right now to get this out there."

Chien: "Oh yeah."

Yang: "Yo, this is it. It's the time. The analytics department at Netflix..."

Chien: "They're crunching the numbers."

Yang: "They're crunching, telling stories internally, whether or not... (puts on nerd voice) 'Oh, the subscribers and the repeat watches are gonna be worth the–' You know..."

They continued "run up the numbers if you're trying to get that Season 2" to avoid "blueballsing" the audience after only one season:

Dumbfoundead: "Really support, run up the numbers if you're trying to get that Season 2, because nothing is worse than just than them just leaving you hanging and then cancelling the show. That's crazy."

Lee: "It is crazy."

Yang: "People call it like, 'blueballsing,' a little bit."

This comes after series co-creator and writer Byron Wu recently revealed he would "love to do Season 2," but it is ultimately up to the Netflix numbers:

"Listen, we’d love to do Season 2. Let’s hope we get those Netflix numbers going. And for me, I’m just hoping we get season two. This is my first, well I don’t know, show. I think my only other credit on IMDB is like an AFI short film." 

How Likely Is The Brothers Sun Season 2?

While Netflix still has not greenlit Season 2 of The Brothers Sun, that does not mean it will not happen. 

The series only just released on the service, dropping all of its first season on January 4, 2024. 

For comparison, Netflix's One Piece live-action series (which debuted on August 31, 2023) did not get the go-ahead for a second season for several weeks after release, and it was an instant success. 

So, Netflix could be holding its cards close to its vest, waiting for the perfect moment to put news of a Season 2 for Brothers Sun out into the world. 

The Brothers Sun debuted at #3 on Netflix's worldwide streaming rankings (via Television Stats) and remained in the top 20 for nearly three weeks after. 

Even now, more than a month - and several tentpole releases - later, the action comedy sits at #139 on the streamer's global rankings. 

Plus, the show was critically acclaimed upon release, earning a stellar 85% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes

A Season 2 is not guaranteed, but from the outside, it looks as though Season 1 did enough to warrant another go-round. 

Plus, with A-list talent like Michelle Yeoh involved, Netflix would be smart to keep the series going and explore the next chapter in the Sun family's story. 

The Brothers Sun is now streaming on Netflix. 

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