Full Cast of The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Neill Rea and Fern Sutherland return to lead the strong cast of The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10.

Season 10 of the New Zealand crime series follows a veteran detective and a local cop as they team up to uncover various murder mystery cases in the small town known as Brokenwood. 

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10 premiered on Acorn TV on April 29.

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10's Main Cast Members 

Neill Rea - Mike Shepherd

Neill Rea as Mike Shepherd in The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10, Episode 1
Neill Rea

Neill Rea returns to lead the cast as Mike Shepherd, a detective who gets entangled with the mysterious town known as Brokenwood and is hounded by unusual cases of murder and mayhem. 

He is also known for his love of country music.

In Season 10, Episode 1, Mike investigates the death of a man who is stabbed with a rock hammer in his face. He also lets the team know to look into a certain Maggie Sturridge since she may be connected to the crime.

Rea is best known for his roles in Auckward Love, Go Girls, and Rude Awakenings.

Fern Sutherland - Kristin Sims

Fern Sutherland as Kristin Sims
Fern Sutherland 

Fern Sutherland stars as Kristin Sims, a by-the-book investigator and Mike Shepherd's partner in the police force. 

Kristin appears in Season 10's premiere to help Daniel Chalmers unpack the reason behind a man's death and why he was stabbed with a rock hammer.

Sutherland's most recognizable role is playing Dawn in The Almighty Johnsons. The actress also appeared in A Mistake and The Mountain.

Jarod Rawiri - DC Daniel Chalmers

Jarod Rawiri as DC Daniel Chalmers in The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10, Episode 1
Jarod Rawiri

Jarod Rawiri appears as Detective Constable Daniel Chalmers in The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10. 

As a former uniformed officer, Chalmers is a proven veteran in the world of crime investigation and he utilizes his expertise to help crack the town's weirdest cases.

Season 10, Episode 1 features Chalmers looking into the specifics of the crime scene while also investigating a certain Maggie Sturridge. 

Rawiri's most iconic role is playing Mo Hannah in over 250 episodes of Shortland Street. The actor can also be seen in Harry and Duckrockers.

Cristina Ionda - Dr. Gina Kadinsky

Cristina Ionda as Dr. Gina in The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10, Episode 1
Cristina Ionda

Dr. Gina Kadinsky (played by Cristina Ionda) is the local medical examiner who is working alongside Mike Shepherd and Kristin Sims. 

In Episode 1, Dr. Kadinsky arrives on the scene to point out that the victim was killed with a rock hammer and not an axe, noting, "They are not the same thing at all."

Gina also continues to flirt with Shepherd, but those feelings have yet to be reciprocated.

Ionda previously appeared in Out of Season, Filthy Rich, and Warrior Queen.

Karl Willetts - Frodo Oades

Karl Willetts as Frodo in The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10, Episode 1
Karl Willetts

Karl Willets stars as Frodo Oades, a veteran mechanic who is now the proud owner of his food cart, Frodo's Coffee. 

Frodo, alongside Todd, is the one who discovers Harold Wainwright's body in Season 10, Episode 1. 

Willets has credits in Slow West, Evil Dead, and The Power of the Dog.

Jason Hoyte - Ray Neilson

Jason Hoyte as Ray Neilson
Jason Hoyte

Ray Neilson is the owner of several local pubs and a pizzeria in Brokenwood. The character is played by Jason Hoyte. 

Ray is one of the leaders of the town. He helps them by giving them free drinks and discounted food from his business. 

Season 10's premiere sees Ray rallying his friends to catch the culprit behind the one who stole Maggie Sturridge's fossil (without the police's help).

Hoyte can be seen in Nothing Trivial, Ice, and What We Do in the Shadows.

Tracy Lee Gray - Trudy Neilson

Tracy Lee Gray as Trudy Neilson in The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10, Episode 1
Tracy Lee Gray

Tracy Lee Gray plays Trudy Neilson, Ray's sister and a former inmate of Brokenwood Women's Prison. 

Trudy seems disinterested in the events that are happening in the town. She only seems to care about making meets end. 

Gray's notable credits include Head High, Educators, and Westside.

Shane Cortese - Dennis Buchanan

Shane Cortese in a video from Dot Golf New Zealand
Shane Cortese

Shane Cortese appears as Dennis Buchanan, a defense lawyer who usually clashes with Mike Shepherd and the other detectives. 

Cortese has a long list of credits, with roles in Outrageous Fortune, Nothing Trivial, and The Almighty Johnsons.

Kauri Williams - Todd Taylor

Kauri Williams as Todd Taylor in The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10, Episode 1
Kauri Williams

Kauri Williams plays a prominent role in Season 10, Episode 1 as Todd Taylor, Brokenwood's renowned dinosaur expert. 

Aside from discovering the dead body that is front and center in Mike Shepherd's investigation, he also helps Detective Chalmers with his dinosaur knowledge to get the password of the victim's laptop. 

Williams' other notable credits include Ahikaroa and The Gulf.

Roy Ward - Rev. Lucas Greene

Roy Ward as Rev. Lucas Greene in The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10, Episode 1
Roy Ward

Roy Ward returns to play Rev. Lucas Greene in The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10. 

Rev. Lucas Greene is the town's local Anglican priest who always checks on the welfare of others. 

The priest shows up in Season 10, Episode 1 to tell Detective Kristin Sims that something is off with Maggie Sturridge's daughter (due to her religious nature).

Fans may recognize Ward for his appearances in The Ugly, Shortland Street, and Dear Murderer.

Phil Peleton - Neil Bloom

Phil Peleton as Neil Bloom in Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10
Phil Peleton

Phil Peleton is back as Mayor Neil Bloom in Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10.

As the mayor of the small town, he rallies his constituents to stay together amid the mysterious happenings that have been occurring lately. 

Season 10's premiere sees Mayor Bloom gathering the citizens to announce that Brokenwood is set to become the Dinosaur Capital of New Zealand. 

Peleton has over 30 credits to his name, with appearances in Ash vs. Evil Dead, The Shannara Chronicles, and Auckward Love.

Cameron Rhodes - Dr. Roger Plummer

Cameron Rhodes as Dr. Roger Plummer
Cameron Rhodes

Cameron Rhodes is part of The Brokenwood Mysteries cast as Dr. Roger Plummer, the town's local psychiatrist and a member of the volunteer fire brigade. 

Dr. Plummer appears in Season 10, Episode 1 to tell Detective Sims about an odd sighting during the storm when he and Reverend Greene went biking during the night. 

Plummer's observation helps Sims to crack the case behind Howard Wainwright's case. 

Rhodes is known for his roles in Total Control, Under the Vines, and Beyond the Veil

New episodes of The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10 premiere every Monday on Acorn TV. 

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