The Bachelor 2024 Spoilers - Joey's Final Decision, Revealed

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Joey in The Bachelor 2024

Full spoilers for the 2024 season of The Bachelor have been revealed, including a week-to-week recap and how Joey's journey will end.

Kicking off Season 28 of The Bachelor with 32 women seeking a connection, plenty of tough decisions are ahead for Joey Graziadei.

Here's exactly what will happen during Season 28 of The Bachelor, with most information coming via Reality Steve.

22 Women Remained After The Bachelor Week 1

Joey in The Bachelor

Following Week 1's rose ceremony, 10 women were sent home, making their Bachelor experience a one-night journey.

Lea stood out during the first night, throwing away her advantage and claiming the First Impression Rose from Joey, a positive sign of things to come.

Sisters Lauren and Allison Hollinger were given roses. Even though Jess quickly put a target on her back for flaunting her kiss with Joey, she also received a rose. Here's a look at all the women who made it past the first night at the Bachelor Mansion:

  • Allison Hollinger
  • Autumn Waggoner
  • Chrissa Perez
  • Daisy Kent
  • Edwina Dorbor
  • Erika Cardenas
  • Evalin Clark
  • Jenn Tran
  • Jessica Edwards
  • Katelyn DeBacker
  • Kelsey Anderson
  • Kelsey Toussant
  • Lauren Hollinger
  • Lea Cayanan
  • Lexi Young
  • Madina Alam
  • Maria Georgas
  • Marlena Haddad
  • Rachel Nance
  • Starr Skyler
  • Sydney Gordon
  • Taylor Weins

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Lauren Decided To Leave in Week 2

Lauren chose to self-eliminate during Week 2 of The Bachelor Season 28. Her decision was influenced by her sister, Allison Hollinger, having a stronger connection with Joey than she did. 

Lauren, Erika Cardenas, Marlena Haddad, and Taylor Weins exited the competition that week, with the latter three leaving during the Rose Ceremony. 

Lauren had not been on any 1-on-1 dates and participated in only one Group Date before her departure.

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for The Bachelor Season 28.

Tensions Rise Between Maria & Sydney in Week 3

During the third week of 2024's The Bachelor, Madina will express self-consciousness about her age, being one of the older contestants. 

Tensions will arise when Maria comments on Madina's age, leading to a conflict between Maria and Sydney. 

In response to heightened drama, Joey will cancel the cocktail party and host a pool party on the day of the rose ceremony, with the event revolving around the ongoing dispute between Maria and Sydney.

Eventually, Chrissa Perez, Evalin Clark, and Starr Skyler will not receive a rose, and their Bachelor journeys end.

Lexi Young Chooses To Eliminate Herself in Week 7

Lexi Young will leave The Bachelor on her behalf. Reportedly, the decision is influenced by a misalignment in their respective timelines regarding marriage and children, although the specific details of each timeline remain unclear.

Also, during Week 7, eight women will participate in a group date in Old Montreal involving a scavenger hunt and hockey. 

During the night portion, Joey will eliminate Jessica Edwards. Following this, Maria Georgas has a 1-on-1 date featuring a shopping spree around town, and simultaneously, Kelsey Toussant has a separate (unknown) 1-on-1 date. 

The rose ceremony will conclude with the eliminations of Katelyn DeBacker and Lea Cayanan, with Jessica Edwards and Lexi having been eliminated earlier in the episode.

Joey Visits These Womens' Hometowns in Week 8

Everyone loves to watch Hometowns Week, where every relationship suddenly becomes real and even more personal.

This season, Joey will visit the hometowns of four women: Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, Maria Georgas, and Rachel Nance.

However, Maria will be eliminated this week, followed by Rachel in Week 9. This leads to the final two choices and "an ending that no one is going to expect," as Joey told Extra

Joey's Final Choice in The Bachelor Season 28 Revealed

Daisy & Joey in The Bachelor Season 28
Daisy & Joey in The Bachelor Season 28

In the highly anticipated final rose ceremony, Joey will choose between his final two lucky ladies: Kelsey and Daisy. 

The details surrounding why he narrows his decision in the finale down to these two women are unclear, but the greater question remains: does Joey get engaged?

Yes, Joey ultimately will propose to Daisy Kent, marking the end of the season with an engagement in Tulum, Mexico.

As an early fan favorite, many viewers will rejoice at Daisy getting the final rose. It's unclear if Joey and Daisy are still together, and it probably won't be fully revealed until after the season airs the finale in March.

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