Full Cast of Sweet Home Season 2 - Every Main Actor & Character In New Netflix Episodes (Photos)

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Hit K-drama Sweet Home is back for Season 2 on Netflix with another stacked cast of international stars. 

Based on the hit South Korean webtoon of the same name (one which has garnered over 2.1 billion views online), the series follows a young man named Cha Hyun-soo who - following a family tragedy - is trapped in his new apartment with his neighbors after the invasion of dangerous monsters. 

Season 1 came to Netflix in December 2020, becoming the first South Korean series to appear in Netflix's top 10 in the U.S. 

A second (and third) batch of episodes was then greenlit in June 2022. Production was completed for Seasons 2 and 3 in March 2023 (per Instagram). 

Every Main Actor & Character in Sweet Home Season 2

Song Kang - Cha Hyun-soo

Song Kang as Cha Hyun-soo Sweet Home

Song Kang plays Sweet Home's main character Cha Hyun-soo. Following a tragic family death, Hyun-soo moves into a new apartment, hoping for a new beginning. However, shortly after moving in he - along with the other residents of his new building - are trapped inside thanks to a monster invasion. 

Song Kang is colloquially known as the "son of Netflix" as the young Korean star has appeared in several other titles on the service including Love Alarm, My Demon, and Nevertheless

Lee Jin-wook - Pyeon Sang-wook

Lee Jin-wook as Pyeon Sang-wook Sweet Home

Pyeon Sang-wook (played by Lee Jin-wook) is a contract killer who has lost all faith in the system and decides to take justice into his own hands to "fight evil with evil." Season 1 saw Sang-wook join Hyun-soo as the muscle of the group, not afraid to get his hands dirty, which is valuable after the monsterization incident. 

A veteran of the K-drama scene, Lee Jin-wook can also be seen in The Three Musketeers, Voice, and Nine: Nine Time Travels

Lee Si-young - Seo Yi-kyung

Lee Si-young as Seo Yi-kyung Sweet Home

Locked in the apartment building just like Song Kang's Cha Hyun-soo is Seo Yi-kyung. Yi-kyung (brought to life by Lee Si-young) is a young woman who lost her fiance mere days before they were supposed to get married. She is a fierce fighter as seen in Season 1 when she briefly was stuck outside the building and took on a monster one-on-one. 

Lee Si-young's past credits include The Birth of the Rich, No Mercy, and SF8

Go Min-si - Lee Eun-yoo

Go Min-si as Lee Eun-yoo Sweet Home

Go Min-si plays Lee Eun-yoo, the younger sister of Eun-hyuk (whose status remains unknown). She is a former ballerina who quit after a devastating injury before the monsterization incident. She lives in the apartment building at the center of the series, fighting alongside the rest of the cast against these dangerous beasts. 

Go Min-si is best known for appearances in Smugglers, Youth of May, and Jirisan

Park Gyu-young - Yoon Ji-soo

Park Gyu-young as Yoon Ji-soo Sweet Home

Park Gyu-young's Yoon Ji-soo is a caring young woman and one of the most selfless people in the series. She had the honor of being the first person in the apartment building to realize something was wrong, discovering the monsters early in Season 1. While not a part of the series so far, in the original Sweet Home webtoon, Hyun-soo is romantically interested in Ji-soo. 

Park Gyu-young will be familiar to fans of Dali and the Cocky Prince, The Devil Judge, and Netflix's mega-hit Squid Game

Jinyoung - Park Chan-young

Jinyoung as Park Chan-young Sweet Home

Appearing as a new addition in Sweet Home Season 2 is Jinyoung as Park Chan-young. Chan-young is a soldier in the Special Forces Guard who crosses paths with the survivors living in the apartment building. 

Jinyoung's resume includes appearances in Love in the Moonlight, 100 Days My Prince, and The Dude in Me

Yoo Oh-seong - Sergeant Tak In-hwan

Yoo Oh-seong as Sergeant Tak In-hwan Sweet Home

Another new face for Sweet Home Season 2 is Sergeant Tak In-hwan (played by Yoo Oh-seong). In-hwan is the leader of the Special Forces Guards and - in turn - Chan-young's commanding officers. 

Yoo Oh-seong has also appeared in 7 Assassins, Don't Cry, Mommy, and Potato Symphony

Oh Jung-se - Dr. Lim

Oh Jung-se as Dr. Lim Sweet Home

Dr. Lim is brought to life by Oh Jung-se, joining Season 2 as one of the only medical professionals to survive the monsterization. Dr. Lim plays an important role as he is trying to develop a vaccine that could bring everyone back to normal. 

Oh Jung-se's past credits include The Call, It's Okay to Not Be Okay, and Swing Kids

Kim Mu-yeol - Kim Young-hoo

Kim Mu-yeol as Kim Young-hoo Sweet Home

Kim Mu-yeol's Kim Youn-hoo is new to Season 2 of the hit series, appearing as the second-in-command of the Special Forces Guards. He is a head-strong militaristic mind, trying to keep the human survivors alive by any means necessary. 

Kim Mu-yeol can also be seen in Space Sweepers, Forgotten, and A Muse

Kim Si-a - Seo Yi-kyung’s child

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After being revealed in Season 1 Yi-kyung was pregnant, Season 2 will see her caring for that child, played by Kim Si-a. 

Despite being young, Kim Si-a has already built quite the resume, appearing in Miss Baek, Perfume, and The Silent Sea.

Sweet Home is streaming now on Netflix. 

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