Super Mario MOVIE: Official New Theatrical Poster Shows Off 8 Main Characters

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Super Mario Movie Poster

The latest poster for The Super Mario Bros. Movie offered fans another look at the film's cast of iconic characters from across the Mushroom Kingdom.

Illumination Entertainment (of Despicable Me fame) is about to bring Nintendo's classic Italian plumber to life on-screen for the first time since 1993's dismal live-action adaptation. 

The tender love and care being put into the project have been evident. Whether it was a fan-favorite power-up making an appearance or the extensive roster of characters from Mario's past set to appear, the Mario Bros. Movie is really looking like it is going to be a love letter to one of gaming's biggest names. 

Now, with the movie's release imminent, its promotional tour continues moving forward with a new look at the Mario movie's leading heroes and villains.

A New Look at The Mario Bros Movie

Only a couple of months before The Super Mario Bros. Movie's release, Nintendo posted a new poster for the film. 

The vibrant piece of marketing features the movie's cast of characters, including the likes of Chris Pratt's Mario, Charlie Day's Luigi, and Jack Black's Bowser. 

Nothing groundbreaking can be gleaned from the artwork; however, it does feature the first look at what Parakoopas will look like in the Illumination Entertainment animated blockbuster. 

See the full poster below:

Mario Movie Poster

What's Hiding in the New Mario Movie Poster? 

While at first glance this new poster might seem pretty standard, playing on the floating head milieu that has become pretty standard across Hollywood in recent years. But a closer look reveals a couple of interesting nuggets. 

First, as mentioned above, one has to take a look at the Parakoopa featured prominently alongside the rest of the main cast. This is a new look for the iconic Mario villain, sporting a metal helmet and even an armored chest piece. 

This character has not been seen or heard from in any of the film's marketing yet, and it looks like this particular Paratrooper might have a more significant role to play than one might expect. 

Looking closely at the poster one can see a barrage of Parakoopas in the background and none of them seem to be adorned in the same helmet and armor pairing. So, could this be one of Bowser's high-ranking generals in the Koopa army? Maybe this is the yet-to-be-announced character played by longtime Mario voice actor Charles Martinet.

Another minor detail shown here is the Rainbow Road-esque track on the right side of the poster. A take on the iconic Mario Kart locale was a part of the most recent trailer for the film but looked to be much more down-to-Earth than usual. 

However, the Rainbow Road seen on the poster loops up into the night sky, something that will be a familiar site for fans of Mario's kart-based adventures. So maybe audiences will get the classic Rainbow Road space-based track after all.   

The Super Mario Bros. Movie triple-jumps into theaters on April 7. 

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