Peacemaker: New Trailer Description Reveals Events After The Suicide Squad

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In early 2022, Warner Bros will be taking its first steps into expanding into the streaming sphere for the DC Extended Universe. This will come with John Cena’s solo Peacemaker series on HBO Max a direct follow-up to his first DC project, The Suicide Squad, from August 2021.

Most of the plot for this show is still a mystery, particularly with The Suicide Squad’s post-credits scene having revealed that Peacemaker survived his tussle with Idris Elba’s Bloodsport. Now, with Cena’s powerful fighter seemingly making a full recovery, he’s set to unleash a new level of mayhem on the world flying solo.

During the 2021 Emmy Awards, fans got the first look at footage from this streaming show, which gave just a tease of Peacemaker’s classic attitude and the action on the way. Now, with just about four months until the show premieres, fans have a description of more new footage to analyze and dissect.

Details Revealed on Peacemaker Footage


The Hollywood Reporter shared details from a new trailer for Warner Bros' Peacemaker that was shown during a panel at the recent Television Critics Association press tour.

The footage showed John Cena's Christopher Smith in a hospital, reportedly right after the events of The Suicide Squad. The antihero explains to the hospital staff that he's "supposed to be in jail for 'superhero shit'" before dropping his Peacemaker moniker, although this only results in laughter.

The material also included shots of Robert Patrick, who is said to be playing Peacemaker's "disapproving father," as well as interactions between the starring character and his handlers. Amongst them is Jennifer Holland's Emilia Harcourt, with whom he exchanges some hilarious banter:

Harcourt: "Just because you’re handsome doesn’t mean you’re not a piece of shit."

Peacemaker: "You think I’m handsome?"

Peacemaker Plot Coming Together

While Warner Bros. is still keeping the core plot for Peaceaker under wraps, this leak helps set the stage for some of the early story details that will come to light in John Cena's solo project.

Robert Patrick's character had remained a secret until this leak, which revealed that he will be playing Christopher Smith's father through the course of the show. Some versions of the character have been portrayed as either a politician or an army veteran, which should both be roles that Patrick can portray well with his impressive resume.

Additionally, this description shows just how close of a relationship Peacemaker will have with Emilia Harcourt after their short interaction in The Suicide Squad. The show's first round of footage from the HBO Max Emmys trailer hinted at the banter that they will exchange, and this only seems to be the start of their semi-playful fights with each other.

With filming now complete, the wait continues to see more official footage from an eventual first trailer and learn more about how the DC Extended Universe will grow.

Peacemaker will begin streaming on HBO Max in January 2022.

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