Star Wars Visions Season 2 Receives Exciting Update

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Star Wars: Visions Season 2

Star Wars: Visions was released in 2021 on Disney+ and served as the first time anime crossed over into the galaxy far, far away. The anthology series, which was made by seven of the biggest Japanese anime studios, spanned nine episodes and told stories that took place at many different points throughout the Star Wars timeline. Even though it was something new to the franchise, Visions received largely positive reviews.

One of the more popular episodes of Visions was its very first one - "The Duel." It follows a character that goes by the name of Ronin hunting down Sith warriors and collecting their kyber crystals upon defeating them. A continuation of that story was released shortly after the show premiered in the form of a novel, and many fans have campaigned for other episodes to get the same treatment, while also pushing for a Season 2.

It seems as though those wishes may be granted sooner rather than later, as recent rumors suggest that Season 2 is just over the horizon.

Season 2 of Star Wars: Visions

Star Wars Visions
Star Wars

Insider Jordan Maison recently shared on Cinelinx that Season 2 of Star Wars: Visions is currently in the works. He claims that multiple sources have not only confirmed this but that it will be coming as soon as Fall of this year, and that September and October have both been listed as possible release months. Season 1 was released on September 22, 2021, so a Fall release for Season 2 would put them close to a year apart.

The report also states that some of the Japanese anime studios that worked on Season 1 will return and that there will be continuations of some of the same stories that were previously introduced.

There is also a rumor that suggests that an official announcement of Season 2 will be made at Star Wars Celebration next month, which lasts from May 26-29 in Anaheim, California. There is a possibility that some footage could even be revealed alongside the announcement, though this is yet to be confirmed.

The Ease of Releasing Star Wars: Visions

Star Wars: Visions is a little different than other projects that are released straight to Disney+. There has been a lot of concern from fans about release dates with so many Star Wars projects from Lucasfilm and so many MCU projects from Marvel Studios that they can't all fit without overlapping.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ms. Marvel are currently in this predicament, as the final three episodes of the former will be released on Disney+ the same day as the first three episodes of the latter. Many people have suggested that it would be better for Star Wars projects to release on Fridays, and Marvel projects on Wednesdays so that the issue would be fixed, but as of right now, that isn't happening.

With a Disney+ schedule that is already so packed, it is reasonable to question if there is enough space for another Disney+ show to be released in 2022. However, Season 1 of Star Wars: Visions didn't follow the same pattern as other shows, as all nine episodes were released on the same day, instead of one per week.

This was due to the short 10-20 minute length for every episode, and the fact that it was an anthology series that didn't follow a linear timeline. It is safe to assume that Season 2's episodes will all come out on the same day, just like with Season 1, so that allows for there to be no worry about Visions making the schedule crowded. Viewers will have all the episodes right in front of them from the start and can watch them at their own pace.

Season 1 of Star Wars: Visions is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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