Star Wars Reveals Weird New Look at Rise Of Skywalker's Force Dyad

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When The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters, it was met with many different reactions. Some thought that it was a perfect send-off to not only the heroes of the sequel trilogy but to the Skywalker Saga as a whole. Others thought that it disrespected everything that George Lucas spent a large portion of his life building.

While many people share different opinions on the film, there was one plot point that was briefly touched on during the movie's climax that piqued the interest of everyone: when Palpatine revealed that Ben Solo and Rey were a Force Dyad.

Palpatine's revelation about the two characters answered a lot of questions that had been raised during The Last Jedi, specifically how Rey and Kylo Ren could see each other through the Force and even connect with one another by touching hands when she was on Ach-To and he was aboard his Star Destroyer.

When the two characters were on Exegol in The Rise of Skywalker to defeat Palpatine, Rey raised Anakin's lightsaber over her head and it disappeared behind her back and the camera cut to Ben as he pulled the lightsaber out, revealing that they could even trade objects through the Force.

When viewers were told that a Dyad is when two individuals are connected as one through the Force, that was the only explanation that was given on the topic. Luckily, a brand-new book focused on the Sith reveals more about the mysterious connection.

Force Dyad Details in New Star Wars Book

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker
Star Wars

Reddit user u/Obversa revealed on the platform that the new reference book titled "Star Wars - Secrets of the Sith" dedicates a page to completely explaining a Dyad in the Force, including an image of what the Force bond actually looks like.

Force Dyad
"Star Wars - Secrets of the Sith"

The book describes the bond as a "fabled manifestation unseen for generations" while also restating Palpatine's words that it is "as strong as life itself:"

"There are few secrets of the Force that I have yet to master. But our Order's ancient prophecies speak of one fabled manifestation unseen for generations - a dyad. This pairing of two beings strong in the Force, linked together by an unbreakable bond, creates a power as strong as life itself."

"Secrets of the Sith" then goes a little deeper into explaining the history of the Force Dyad. It mentions that it predates the Rule of Two and was officially referenced as the "Doctrine of the Dyad." It also goes on to talk about how the connection unlocks "a great number of abilities," some of them going beyond "even the most powerful Force wielder:"

"For a millennium, the Sith have adhered to the Rule of Two. But this decree is said to merely be a pale imitation of its predecessor, the Doctrine of the Dyad. Legends claim that two beings sharing this profound connection gain access to a great number of abilities - skills beyond the grasp of even the most powerful Force wielder."

The rest of the section then explains some of the powers that The Rise of Skywalker showcased, such as "pass(ing) physical objects through time and space." The explanation ends by once again mentioning that a Force Dyad's powers "know no limits:"

"Members of a dyad were believed to be capable of transferring their life force to heal others. Some could even pass physical objects through time and space in an instant. If two Sith were bonded so deeply as to transcend their physical beings, the power they could unlock together would know no limits."

The Future of Force Dyads

The concept of a dyad in the Force interested many fans after watching The Rise of Skywalker. Now that there is an official explanation and definition of what it is and what sort of powers two individuals could hold, Star Wars could definitely explore it in future projects.

The Knights of the Old Republic video game is no longer officially canon, but many fans have been calling for that storyline, particularly centered around Darth Revan, to be made into a film trilogy or a TV series for some time. In The Rise of Skywalker, as well as this new book, it is said that a Force Dyad has been "unseen for generations."

In Knights of the Old Republic, Revan and a Jedi named Bastila are seen to have a connection through the Force. The description of a dyad could most definitely line up with the two characters, and due to the video game getting an official remake, it would be interesting to explore whether or not the two characters were the last dyad to be seen in the galaxy.

With this new reference book dedicating a page to explaining this Force connection, Disney could have plans to bring it back in some way in a future project, whether that be in the form of a film, a Disney+ series, or a video game.

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