Star Wars: First Look at Live-Action Version of Iconic Rebels Mural In HD

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Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka Disney+

Star Wars just released the first high-definition look of the iconic Star Wars Rebels mural in live-action.

Audiences got an initial glimpse of the set piece when it showed up on-stage during the show’s presentation at D23 in 2022. Sadly, that same HD image never properly made its way online.

Since then, however, fans have gotten a full trailer and plenty of new images. While there was no portrait, the world did get to see Hera Syndula, the show’s new antagonists, a tease of Thrawn, and more.

An HD Look at Iconic Star Wars Rebels Imagery

A new official still from Ahsoka was just released that showcases the fan-favorite mural imagery originally depicted at the end of the animated series Star Wars Rebels.

The high-quality screenshot sees Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s Sabine Wren in front of the portrait of her Ghost Crew, surrounded on both sides by two loth-wolfs.

Ahsoka, Star Wars Rebels

While the art has been translated from animation to live-action, the stylings of everyone look to be roughly the same.

Star Wars Rebels, Ahsoka

The differences between the two are very subtle, and likely only exist simply because two different artists drew the same image (or at least, that’s the current assumption).

The biggest change would be to Zeb, whose head is not nearly as wide, and is a bit taller for the live-action painting.

Star Wars Rebels, Ahsoka

Ahsoka’s Continuation of Star Wars Rebels

Currently, almost everyone on that iconic mural is set to make an appearance in Ahsoka at some point—even the loth-wolf. The only two who haven’t even been rumored are Zeb Orellios and Kanan.

Kanan could still appear in a flashback, despite being dead by the time Ahsoka takes place. Though, Freddie Prinze Jr., the actor who voiced the original character, seemed certain that his late Jedi wouldn’t be appearing at all.

As for Zeb, he could pop up at any time. After all, Lucasfilm wouldn’t have just built that amazing-looking practical rig in The Mandalorian for no reason, right?

For all intents and purposes, Ahsoka seems to be the proper continuation of Rebels. Rosario Dawson’s leading hero is on the hunt for the missing Jedi Ezra Bridger and the villainous Grand Admiral Thrawn, both of whom vanished at the end of the animated series.

Ahsoka debuts on Disney+ on August 23.

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