Star Wars Leak Confirms Order 66's Impact on [SPOILERS] In The Bad Batch Disney+ Show

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Warning - This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Much has been made about the conspicuous absence of one of Clone Force 99's soldiers in The Bad Batch's marketing campaign.

Crosshair, the quiet sniper of the team, is unseen in any footage when the Bad Batch team goes rogue after their escape from Kamino. Fan speculation has suggested that the sharpshooter bails on his unit to join the forces of the Empire, and there's been compelling evidence that suggests this could be the cause.

A recent LEGO leak provided details on an upcoming set for the summer, the "Bad Batch Shuttle," including information about the minifigures to be included. The reputable source indicated that Crosshair would be featured in the set in an Imperial suit, putting most questions about his possible shift in allegiances to bed. However, any remaining doubt has all but been eliminated, as a new leak confirms the worst for the group of radical heroes...


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A post by Reddit user u/dtinaglia has revealed the description for Crosshair's forthcoming Black Series action figure, confirming that the sharpshooter will indeed betray his unit and join the Empire in the aftermath of Order 66. The full description can be seen below:

"Formerly a member of the Bad Batch, Crosshair's loyalties shift after his team defects from Imperial service. Committed to the Empire, Crosshair leads a new squad of enlisted recruits."

The full Reddit post can be viewed below:


The most pressing question about this situation is why Crosshair chooses to go turncoat in the first place.

In a group composed of weird guys, Crosshair was always the mysterious and strangest of them all when the Bad Batch first appeared in The Clone Wars . Due to his silent nature, it was always difficult to get a read on what was going through the shooter's mind, but he had a cold, cat-like demeanor that suggested his loyalties were up in the air. While he may have served the Republic, Crosshair may not have felt as compelled to follow the Jedi.

Following the elimination of the Jedi under Order 66 and the subsequent fall of the Republic, it's likely that the other members of the Bad Batch don't feel compelled to serve the Empire. This, coupled with Tarkin's dialogue about the group needing to be hunted down and disposed of during the latest trailer , is more than enough reason for the unit to go on the run as fugitives.

But Crosshair won't have any of it. With the confirmation that Crosshair does indeed commit himself to the Empire, it's a fair bet that Tarkin may even be speaking to him in the trailer. And that will be Crosshair's assignment in The Bad Batch :

To hunt down his brothers and former unit.

With Crosshair taking on the role as the show's antagonist, the threat against the Bad Batch team just became personal. How the other clones respond to their brother's betrayal will be interesting to see?  Is he controlled by an inhibitor chip like most other clones, or was his decision to join the Empire his own? Will the group be compelled to talk Crosshair off the brink and save him? Can he even be saved?

The galaxy is a dangerous place, especially for those who oppose the Emperor's reign. With a committed specialist soldier like Crosshair within their ranks, the Imperial military will make it extremely difficult for the Bad Batch unit to voyage the galaxy and make ends meet by doing what they do best: cause chaos.

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