Star Wars Officially Releases Rey Skywalker's Yellow Lightsaber Close-up Design

By Andrew Gilman Posted:
Rey, Lightsaber Book

The majority of the recent Star Wars book releases have been original stories told by way of novels. Today, Del Rey released Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising , with unique blue pages exclusive to only the first editions of the book. In January, readers can look forward to the first of The High Republic , introducing an all-new era in the galaxy far, far away.

Fans enjoy the Star Wars reference books just as much as the new novels. Fortunately, Lucasfilm and Insight Editions will be releasing Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection in October, giving readers a comprehensive look at the elegant weapons used by heroes and villains alike. For the first time, we're being treated to enhanced looks at some of the newer lightsabers in the franchise, and a preview of a certain yellow one has just been revealed...


Star Wars News Net has exclusively revealed the pages depicting Rey's new yellow lightsaber, courtesy of Insight Editions. The preview, giving readers a detailed look at the weapon's hilt and brief exposition on it's creation, can be seen below:

Rey's Lightsaber


Insight Editions is truly going all-in with The Lightsaber Collection . We've already seen previews of the weapons held by Leia Organa and Ben Solo , with the promise of looks at the Darksaber and a new lightsaber from The High Republic being housed within the pages of the book as well.

Rey's lightsaber is a unique design, and the decision to hold off on its reveal until the end of The Rise of Skywalker was nearly universally disappointing. The hilt is an assembly of parts from Rey's scavenger staff, with the process of the weapon's construction being a small Easter egg seen during sequences at the Resistance base.

As the preview notes, Rey's weapon is the first time we've seen a yellow lightsaber blade in live-action, but the Jedi Temple Guards and Asajj Ventress (in Dark Disciple ) wielded weapons of the same color in The Clone Wars as well. Rey's lightsaber signified the beginning of her own path as she laid to rest the weapons of Anakin and Leia, and the yellow blade will surely be featured in many adventures to come.

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