Star Wars Fans Have 1 Complaint with Jedi: Survivor’s Gameplay Footage

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gameplay

Electronic Arts (EA) recently shared an update for the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel Jedi: Survivor. However, despite fans praising most of the gameplay footage, they are concerned about one aspect.

In 2019, Respawn Entertainment released Fallen Order, and it has gone on to become one of the most beloved Star Wars games of all time and, by 2020, sold more than 10 million copies.

Given its enormous success, players were understandably eager for a sequel, and late last year, fans were treated to a cinematic trailer for the follow-up at The Game Awards 2022.

Animation Irk in Jedi: Survivor

In an IGN First segment, nine minutes of gameplay was revealed for the highly anticipated Star Wars game, Jedi: Survivor. It saw Cal Kestis exploring a brand new planet and showed off improved combat animations and some absolutely gorgeous views. 

However, fans of the game took issue with the way Cal Kestis can be seen moving in the game, blasting his run animation as "janky."

Cal Kestis facing away from the camera

One user, @TheTrueBoricua, criticized the animations for being "absolutely horrible" and tagged both Respawn and EA, urging the studios that they "still have time to fix it:"

"The Star Wars Jedi Survivor walking and running animations look absolutely horrible. You still have time to fix it."

Users, like @User1236Legoat, gave the footage a scathing review, comparing the movement animations to a "$5 indie game:"

"The way he walks and runs looks like a $5 indie game, but other than that it looks good."

Cal Kestis jumping across a large gap

Some offered brief reviews. Users like @Hunterz1515 simply posted laughing emojis to symbolize how hilarious they found the animation.

User @CaplingerLogan agreed with @Hunterz1515, commenting that Cal "looks like he's got something stiff whenever he moves" and seemed relieved to not be "the only one" taking issue with the footage:

"Im not the only one, good. Sh** looks whack. I hope they do something a little less *stiff*. It looks like he's got something stiff whenever he moves."

The running animation was also highlighted by @indo8lvck, who otherwise praised the footage as "all [looking] good:"

"All looks good expect the goofy run animation."

Cal Kestis running towards a sunset

More technical feedback was given by @HugoTobio who provided a video highlighting the area of the gameplay at fault and informing the developers that "some rigging of the main character['s] walk cycle needs upgrad[ing]:"

"Some rigging of the main character walk cycle needs upgrade. Awesome work instead! I cant wait to buy this adventure!"

Although most fans still found aspects of the game to look forward to, others expressed a grave disappointment in the footage.

User @kiddodracula1 criticized Respawn Entertainment for not learning from the previous game which was met with criticism for a range of software issues.

This user lambasted the sequel for keeping the "same ugly... animation system" and declared that "most [of the] animations are sorta embarrassing in 2023:"

"I can't believe they kept the same ugly ass animation system. The walking and running cycle are ridiculous. Tbh honest most animations are sorta embarassing in 2023 Audio effects are glitchy AF This disappoint me, they didn't really act of the feedback of the previous game."

The nine minutes of Jedi: Survivor gameplay can be seen below, with Cal Kestis' problematic running animation first seen around the 1:52 timestamp:

Delay Provides a New Hope for Fallen Order Sequel

Lately, studios seem to be churning out unfinished games filled with bugs and game-breaking problems. 

However, Respawn Entertainment officially delayed Jedi: Survivor, and this may be a blessing in disguise for the highly anticipated sequel.

Back in 2019, Respawn Entertainment was given the option to delay the original game but neglected to do so. When it was released, it was met with criticism for its software bugs, and many felt that these issues brought down an otherwise fantastic title. 

In 2023, it seems that the studio learned from its past mistakes, and the delay of Jedi: Survivor is likely so that all of these issues can be worked out and the game can be polished.

It's also worth noting that the footage is from a pre-release build of the game, and most modern games also come with a huge day-one patch. 

That means that not only is there time to work on the game before it goes gold but even after the game is ready to be sold, there will be time to still work on the game before it's available to play.

Thus, there is no reason to panic, Respawn Entertainment still have plenty of time to fix these problems and listen to the feedback from fans who are eagerly waiting for their next Star Wars adventure.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor releases on April 28.

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