New Star Wars Disney+ Show Gains Netflix’s Daredevil Director

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One of the directors from Netflix's Daredevil has been tapped to join the directing team for the upcoming Star Wars series The Acolyte

The Disney+ series is still some time away from release; however, production on the project has recently started in earnest with cameras reportedly rolling as of last October

The Acolyte is being helmed by Russian Doll's Leslye Headland, focusing on the dark side of the force, with Logan actress Dafne Keen headlining a stellar cast.

However, with production in full swing, the road to Headland's Star Wars streaming epic becomes clearer and clearer every day. 

A Familiar Director for The Acolyte

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Discussing Film revealed a pair of directors to have joined Disney+'s The Acolyte, including Daredevil's Alex Garcia Lopez. 

Fans will know Lopez for his work on Season 3 of Netflix's Daredevil series. The filmmaker helmed Episode 4 (Blindsided) and Episode 10 (Karen) of the Marvel show's third season. 

He joins the Star Wars show with plenty of experience working in the directing chair. The director also has credits working on other Netflix titles like Cowboy Bebop and The Witcher.

And he has been a familiar name on a number of Marvel projects including Cloak & Dagger, Luke Cage, and The Punisher

Joining Lopez as a member of The Acolyte's directing team is South Korean director Kogonada. 

Kogonada joins the project following his critically acclaimed After Yang from 2021. 

What Alex Garcia Lopez Brings to The Acolyte

Alex Garcia Lopez is just one of a few creatives getting the chance to sit in the directing chair for The Acolyte, but he is a particularly fascinating addition. 

While the BAFTA-nominated director is best known for only two episodes of Daredevil, those two episodes are very telling of what fans can expect when his episode(s) of The Acolyte comes around

Lopez directed two of Daredevil's most iconic action scenes. His 11-minute one-take prison riot sequence has become beloved amongst fans. And he was a part of the Daredevil/Bullseye church fight as well.

So, despite not knowing the tone of what will happen in Leslye Headland's Disney+ series, surely with Lopez involved audiences can expect some incredible-looking visceral action. 

This is the complete opposite of the other director revealed here, Kogonada. He has made a name for himself directing cerebral and emotional stories, potentially showing the two sides of the coin that could play into The Acolyte's High Republic story. 

The Acolyte has no public release date, but many are expecting it sometime in 2024

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