Star Wars Makes History With 1 Explicit Word in New Disney+ Episode

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Star Wars has always been a family-friendly franchise first and foremost, making it the perfect addition to the Disney brand when it acquired the series. Lightsabers and blasters don't draw blood, sexual content is non-existent, and explicit language is seldom used across movies and shows.

Despite still sticking to the usual TV-14 rating and most of the rules above, Rogue One prequel Andor may be the most mature venture into the galaxy far, far away yet. Star Wars has never been this political, grounded, and real as it dives into the lives of ordinary people during the peak of the Empire and the rise of the Rebellion.

The Disney+ series has already made franchise history with its three-episode premiere, and now it has done so once again as the third installment did something never done before in Star Wars.

Andor Makes Star Wars History With Cuss Word

Andor Episode 3 made Star Wars history as the word "sh*t" was uttered for the first time in the sci-fi franchise, perhaps marking the most explicit phrase ever to be used on-screen in the galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Shit Alex Ferns Andor
Star Wars

During Pre-Mor Authority's mission to arrest Cassian Andor, Scottish actor Alex Ferns’ Sergeant Linus Mosk said "Shit, we’re under siege" as the plan continued to fall apart while the rebel-to-be evaded capture.

Phrases such as "hell," "bastard," and "damn" have been used in Star Wars movies and series in the past, but more explicit words such as "sh*t" have previously been replaced by the in-universe cusses "poodoo" and "bantha fodder."

Will Star Wars Ever Go R-Rated?

Andor may be the most mature entry in the Star Wars franchise ever with a darker, less humorous, and more sophisticated story than usual. That step-up is only further reflected by the franchise history making use of an explicit word in a way that has never been done before across past movies and shows.

As Star Wars tells its most adult and mature story yet in the confines of a TV-14 rating, that raises the question of whether the franchise could ever make the jump into the R-rated. Disney has always tried to stay family-friendly with its marquee franchises but the MCU will soon utilize an R-rating for Deadpool 3 and Marvel Zombies, so could that same transition be on the table for Star Wars?

Unlike the MCU which pulls from Marvel Comics which are packed with content for a variety of ages, Star Wars tells completely original stories. That certainly reduces the necessity to ever go R-rated, but it could be intriguing to explore what an adults-only take on the galaxy far, far away could look like.

Chances are, Disney will never run the risk of taking Star Wars into the R-rated market, it is the most famous family-friendly franchise of all time after all. It's also important to remember the massive demographic the movies and shows have with younger audiences and how important merchandise sales are for Disney.

Nonetheless, Andor portrays a whole new side of the galaxy far, far away, and will continue to for weeks to come, every Wednesday on Disney+.

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