Star Wars: Bad Batch Season 2 Finale Ends with Major Cliffhanger (SPOILERS)

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The ending of The Bad Batch Season 2 left Star Wars fans with quite the cliffhanger as it closed out its second season, one that could have direct implications for Boba Fett himself.

Season 2's last two episodes hit audiences hard as the Bad Batch was beaten down several times. For one, they lost one of their family when Tech made a noble sacrifice to save his brothers.

Then, not too long after, the team was betrayed by Sid and had Omega stolen from them and taken by the mysterious Doctor Royce Hemlock.

But the twists didn’t end there.

Another Clone Enters the Party

Bad Batch, Omega, Crosshair

By the end of the finale, a newly captured Omega can be seen being led into the Weyland facility on Mount Tantiss. Not long after, she ends up finding Crosshair in one of their labs.

As Omega goes to question her new captor, Emerie Karr, the young clone gets the surprise of a lifetime: the woman watching over her at Mount Tantiss is actually her sister.

So, what exactly does that mean?

It’s unclear if Karr was created with the rest of Clone Force 99, earlier than them, or after the original batch.

But, with the power of hindsight, the clues to this twist might have been around since The Bad Batch’s freshman run.

Was the Genetic Writing on the Wall?

Bad Batch

Back in the Bad Batch Season One finale, audiences were shown Nala Se’s hidden lab. In it, there were five growth chambers—with one clone clearly missing.

While one’s immediate thought might fill the blank spot with Omega, it was previously revealed that not only is she a first-generation clone, but she also retained memories of watching the creation of Clone Squad 99. 

This means it’s unlikely she would have been the person in that fifth chamber.

Though, if this theory is accurate, it’s strange for Omega to have no knowledge of Emerie Karr being in growing tanks 

Perhaps an Extended Fett Family Member?

Bad Batch, Omega

Say that the above theory is misguided. What else could this new information mean?

While she is most likely an enhanced clone like the others, there’s always the slight chance that Karr is a long-lost sister to Jango Fett. Though, previously, there have been no records of the character having family, besides his son, of course.

Though admittedly, this would be an intense retcon and might rub some fans the wrong way.

Last season, the animated series explained that Omega was an unmodified clone of Jango Fett, just like Boba Fett. Maybe Karr is one of The Kaminoans’ first unaltered cloning successes that they kept secret.

While unlikely, Star Wars is filled with all kinds of twists—who knows what Dave Filoni might have up his sleeve.

Cloning Gets Complicated

Bad Batch

Cloning has always been a persistent topic in Star Wars ever since the prequel trilogy gave the world The Clone Wars

Many fans felt that the suddenness of The Rise of Skywalker’s big Palpatine twist came out of nowhere, which is why those concepts are being explored now more than they ever have before.

Not only does the storyline get given new context in The Bad Batch, but it’s also woven into the narrative of The Mandalorian.

In the same way that The Clone Wars enhanced Episodes I through III, now the likes of Bad Batch are looking to do the same for the Sequel Trilogy.

Sadly, fans will likely have a long wait until they get to learn more about Emerie Karr. As of now, a third season is not yet confirmed.

However, the show does have its own panel during this year’s Star Wars Celebration, so here's hoping that the big event announces another batch of episodes.

Maybe even it'll be announced that Boba Fett will be joining in on the Season Three fun.

The Bad Batch is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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