Star Wars Announcements Might Be Plentiful at Disney's 2021 D23 Expo

By Andrew Gilman Posted:
Obi Wan Kenobi, Taika Waititi, Ahsoka Tano

Following the exciting new trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons this morning, fans were treated with some bad news in the cancellation of this year's Star Wars Celebration convention . The cancellation of the event comes as no surprise given the global threat still posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it left many questions regarding the announcements that were scheduled to be made.

In addition to the cancellation, Reedpop and Lucasfilm announced that the next Celebration would also take place in Anaheim but in 2022, two years after the initially planned event. For many, this will be a long and grueling wait, and there are several imminent projects that Lucasfilm will surely want to announce and market prior to that event. Disney's D-23 expo is still scheduled for 2021 and, in light of recent events, fans can likely expect a larger presence from Star Wars than in years past...


ABC's Clayton Sandell has shared that, should the event occur, Disney's D-23 Expo in August 2021 will see more Star Wars announcements than originally planned:


It needs to be emphasized that any chance of next year's D-23 convention occurring is contingent on where things stand with COVID-19. Should the virus be under control with a vaccine largely available by that point, the show will go on. In that case, Star Wars fans can expect the event to make up for some of the lost announcements from this year's Celebration.

D-23 will be in a weird buffer zone for Star Wars when the time comes next year. Lucasfilm likely had several announcements to make regarding Disney+ TV projects during Celebration Anaheim, but many of those will likely be kept in the bag until D-23 now, with projects close to release receiving online reveals.

The next Star Wars film is currently scheduled to release in December 2022, a few months after the rescheduled Celebration. D-23 will likely provide the opportunity for Lucasfilm to officially reveal what that film will be, as well as to paint a picture for the future of the Star Wars theatrical projects. It's unfortunate that so many things are being delayed, but this will all be worth the wait.

A Jedi must have patience.

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