Spy x Family Season 2 Cast & Characters: 26 Main Actors and Who They Play

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Spy x Family Cast

The Spy x Family cast is back for Season 2 of the hit action comedy anime. 

Based on the beloved shonen of the same name by Tatsuya Endo, Spy x Family follows master spy Twilight as he goes undercover in everyday suburbia, starting a mock family to watch over political leader Donovan Desmond. However, unbeknownst to him, his mock wife is a bloodthirsty assassin,= and his adopted daughter a telepath. 

Season 1 of the anime was a critical darling upon release in April 2022, earning 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and making it one of the biggest surprises of the medium in recent years. 

Now, less than a year after its official renewal, Season 2 has started airing on Crunchyroll stateside. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Spy x Family Season 2

Loid Forger - Takuya Eguchi (Japanese) & Alex Organ (English)

Loid Spy x Family

Takuya Eguchi's/Alex Organ's Loid Forger is secretly the undercover master spy known as Twilight. Season 1 saw Loid embark on a new mission that forced him into married life, performing mock nuptials with Yor Forager and becoming the adoptive father of Anya Forger. 

Eguchi is the Japanese voice of Loid while Organ plays the character in the English dub. Eguchi is best known for his work on hit anime like Tokyo Revengers and My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. And Organ will be instantly recognizable for fans of My Hero Academia and The Boy and the Beast

Yor Forger - Saori Hayami (Japanese) & Natalie Van Sistine (English)

Yor Forger Spx x Family

Marrying protagonist Loid Forger is the City Hall clerk Yor (voiced by Saori Hayami in Japan and Natalie Van Sistine in the English dub). However, just like her mock husband, Yor Forger also leads a secret life as a master assassin known as the Thorn Princess. The fact that both she and Loid are hiding something from each other makes for plenty of drama as the pair's missions become quickly entangled. 

Hayami's previous voice credits include the beloved A Silent Voice: The Movie and A Place Further than the Universe. Van Sistine can also be heard in the anime Fire in His Fingertips and the Marvel Avengers Academy video game. 

Anya Forger - Atsumi Tanezaki (Japanese) & Megan Shipman (English)

Anya Forger Spy x Family

Anya Forger (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki and Megan Shipman) is the adopted daughter of the Forger family, and just like her parents, she is also harboring a jaw-dropping secret. Formerly known as Test Subject 007, Anya is a six-year-old telepath as a result of experimentation by a mysterious clandestine organization.

Anya's Japanese voice actor Atsumi Tanezaki has also appeared in Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai and Detective Conan. Her English voice actor, Megan Shipman, is best known for her work on Attack on Titan and Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Bond Forger - Kenichirō Matsuda (Japanese) & Tyler Walker (English)

Bond Forger Spy x Family

Kenichirō Matsuda and Tyler Walker take on the role of Bond Forger, the Forger family dog. Just like the rest of the Forger clan, Bond has something going on, having been experimented on being given the ability of precognition where he can see moments in the future shortly before they happen. 

Matsuda, who plays Bond in Japan, has also appeared in Vinland Saga and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Tyler Walker, the English voice of the character, has credits on shows like Orbital and The Boy and The Beast

Yuri Briar - Kenshô Ono (Japanese) & Dallas Reid (English)

Yuri Briar Spy x Family

Yuri Briar (played by Kenshô Ono in Japan and Dallas Reid stateside) is the younger brother of Yor Forager and a civil servant who is secretly a member of the State Secret Service (the SSS). While his older sister is one of the most powerful assassins, she has no idea her brother is working directly opposed to her with the SSS.

Ono can also be heard in A Silent Voice: The Movie and Starmyu while Reid is best known for Black Clover and Psycho-Pass

Sylvia Sherwood - Yūko Kaida (Japanese) & Stephanie Young (English)

Sylvia Sherwood Spy x Family

Yūko Kaida/Stephanie Young's Sylvia Sherwood is one of the commanding officers of WISE (the governing agency of which Loid is secretly a part). Sylvia oversees Loid's latest undercover mission that sent him into married life known as Operation Strix. 

Kaida is Sylvia's Japanese voice actor and has previously popped up in The Promised Neverland and Am I Actually the Strongest?. Her English voice actor Stephanie Young has plenty of anime dub work under her belt including the U.S. version of One Piece where she played Nico Robin.

Henry Henderson - Kazuhiro Yamaji (Japanese) & Barry Yandell (English)

Henry Henderson Spy x Family

Henry Henderson is played by Kazuhiro Yamaji (Japanese) and Barry Yandell (English dub) in Spy x Family. He is a history teacher and housemaster of Dormitory 3 at Eden Academy, where young Anya goes to school. 

Yamaji is best known for his voice work in the hit anime blockbuster Ghost in the Shell and Tekken: The Motion Picture. Yandell's past work includes Dragon Ball GT, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Summer Wars

Damian Desmond - Natsumi Fujiwara (Japanese) & Caitlin Glass (English)

Damian Desmond Spy x Family

Damian Desmond is the young son of diplomat Donovan Desmond and a student at Eden Academy along with Anya Forger. Voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara in Japan and Caitlin Glass in the English dub, Damian is quickly introduced to Anya at Eden as her father, Loid, tries to get closer to Donovan Desmond as a part of his mission. 

Fujiwara's past credits include 86 and Tokyo Ghoul: re and Glass' include Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Escaflowne: The Movie.

Becky Blackbell - Emiri Katō (Japanese) & Dani Chambers (English)

Becky Blackbell Spy x Family

Anya's best friend at Eden Academy is Becky Blackbell (played by Emiri Katō and Dani Chambers). Becky is the youngest daughter of the CEO of Blackbell Heavy Industries, a major military manufacturer.

Becky is voiced by Katō in Japan and is known for work as the Japanese version of Tracer in the hit Overwatch video game. English voice actor Chambers has also appeared in series like The Ancient Magus' Bride

Fiona Frost - Ayane Sakura (Japanese) & Lindsay Seidel (English)

Fiona Frost Spy x Family

Fiona Frost is voiced by Ayane Sakura in Japan and Lindsay Seidel in the English dub. Fiona is Loid's assistant at the Berlint General Hospital and is also a spy working for WISE under the codename Nightfall. She provides Loid with mission details when needed as they both work undercover in the field. 

Sakura's past work includes Attack on Titan and Weathering With You. Seidel's can be heard in the English dub of Steins;Gate and Assassination Classroom

Emile Elman - Hana Sato (Japanese) & Macy Anne Johnson (English)

Emile Elman Spy x Family

Hanna Sato/Macy Anne Johnson's Emile Elman is another student at Eden Academy along with Anya Forger and Damian Desmond. Damian and Emile are close friends and the heir to the Elman Family empire. 

Emile's Japanese voice actor, Hana Sato, can also be heard in Black Clover and Demon Slayer. His English voice, Macy Anne Johnson, also has appeared in Love After World Domination and Akudama Drive

Ewen Egeburg - Haruka Okamura (Japanese) & Michelle Rojas (English)

Ewen Egeberg Spy x Family

Another one of Damian Desmond's followers at Eden Academy is Ewen Egeburg (voiced by Haruka Okamura and Michelle Rojas). Ewen is as loyal as they come, sticking by Damian's side and standing up to Anya on various occasions as she has gotten confrontational with the diplomat's son. 

Ewen is played by Okamura in Japan, a Japanese voice actress whose past work includes Zom 100 and Redo of Healer. His English voice actor, Michelle Rojas, can be recognized from Date a Live and The Boy and the Beast

Franky Franklin - Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese) & Anthony Bowling (English)

Franky Franklin Spy x Family

One of Loid's co-conspirators is Franky Franklin (played by Hiroyuki Yoshino in Japan and Anthony Bowling stateside), an informant who runs a tobacco store as a front. Franky provides Loid with valuable info to get him and his family into places to complete their mission, including Eden Academy. 

Yoshino has previously appeared in Baccano! and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Bowling in Summer Wars and One Piece

New episodes of Spy x Family Season 2 debut on Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. PT on Crunchyroll. 

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