8 Ways Spider-Man: No Way Home's Title Video Foreshadowed Major Villains & Plot Points

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Even though Spider-Man: No Way Home is poised to make cinematic history come December, the marketing (and lack thereof) for this multiversal MCU threequel has already shattered records.

Following the leaked trailer that broke the internet, the official release of Spider-Man: No Way Home's teaser trailer, featuring a slew of Spidey villains from franchises past and a particularly strange Sorcerer Supreme, destroyed prior viewing stats and confirmed anticipation hitherto undreamt of.

Still, this long-awaited trailer isn't No Way Home's first bit of marketing.

Earlier this year, Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon appeared in a puzzling video where the trio walked through an office space filled with various decorations before revealing a dry erase board revealing the film's official title

While all that appeared in the background seemed random, as well as what was displayed on that board, like most things within the MCU (except for maybe WandaVision), details are rarely accidental and actually hinted at the multiverse-centric plot points previewed in the long-awaited trailer. 

Snowflakes Foreshadowed Strange's Snowy Sanctum

Spider-Man No Way Home snow

One of the trailer's many questions is why there were literal snowdrifts inside the Sanctum Santorum in New York? Naturally, there are a number of theories; however, the title announcement video did tease a chance of snow via the paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling of the office. 

Halloween Decor For a No Way Home Halloween

Spider-Man No Way Home Halloween

The title announcement video showed a variety of decor, including Halloween decorations in the form of bats, a skeleton, and the like. Well, in the official trailer, it appears the film is set around spooky season as a lighted Halloween garland of wizards or sorcerers bearing a strong resemblance to the Sorcerer Supreme inspires Peter to pay him a visit.

The Halloween setting could play into another upcoming film - 2022's Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness - which stars Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch and has been described as scary with a "horror show vibe."

It's also interesting that Halloween appears to be the season in which this story occurs as Green Goblin and his pumpkin bombs make an appearance. Talk about taking pumpkin season to a whole new level. 

Multiple Clocks for Multiple Timelines

Spider-Man No Way Home Spiderverse

On the back wall of the room in which Holland, Batalon, and Zendaya are walking through in the announcement are two clocks. Granted, they're probably there to show different time zones, but could they also be a nod to the multiple timelines?

As the video progresses, the cast also passes by a dry erase board where three black rows are displayed. Could that also be for the three different rings Strange is working on that possibly represent the three Spider-Man timelines?

Pac-Man "Ghosts"?

Spider-Man No Way Home Villains

One of the other boards the trio walk past is decorated with ghosts from the classic '80s Pac-Man arcade game. It's a strange choice unless the film includes an '80s-themed party? 

The ghosts and skeleton, along with strings of pirate flags showing a skull and crossbones, could also be a nod to the "dead" Spidey villains who appeared in the trailer, particularly the Green Goblin and Doc Ock.

To date, the only Spidey villain to cross the web-slinger and live to tell the tale has been the Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming (and maybe Spider-Man 3's Sandman?). Since there was no mention or reference to the Vulture in the trailer, maybe those ghosts, skulls, and skeletons are representations of No Way Home's roster of villains?

It's also worth mentioning that this isn't the first Pac-Man reference fans have seen in the MCU. Peter Quill, who shares Peter Parker's affinity for pop culture, formed a Pac-Man-shaped vessel in his battle against Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Reference to Spider-Man Universe(s)?

Spider-Man No Way Home Universes

On that final dry erase board that revealed the film's title, there's a doodle of what looks like the universe, or possibly a galaxy? There's also a variety of seemingly rejected film titles, including "Spider-Man: Home Worlds."

The trailer made it abundantly clear that this film is, in fact, a multiversal tale; but it looks like the cast and crew were letting us know that in a subtle way months prior.

OG Spidey Chest Emblem

Spider-Man No Way Home Suit

The dry erase board also featured a doodle of the Spider chest emblem which viewers saw on Tom Holland's suits in both Homecoming and Far From Home. The actor is actually seen wearing the latter in the first half of the trailer. 

Still, that's not the only suit Holland wears in the trailer, and that's been the source of considerable buzz and speculation. In addition to a new black and gold suit, he's also seen wearing his Iron Spider suit from Avengers: Endgame and/or upgraded Integrated Suit.

So Many Spidey Suits

Spider-Man No Way Home Integrated Suit

Speaking of the Iron Spider/Integrated suit, the dry erase board displays the film's title in red and gold lettering as opposed to the traditional red and blue. That could be a nod to that Iron Spider/Integrated Suit's color palette, particularly since he's seen wearing that suit in the trailer's final scene when facing Doc Ock. Maybe this suit will play a pivotal role in the film?

Spider-Sense or Electro Bolts?

Spider-Man No Way Home Electro

Also on that dry erase board are doodles of yellow or gold bolts that could be a nod towards Spidey's Spider-Sense (a.k.a. "Peter Tingle"). However, it could also be a reference to The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Electro's now yellow electricity that's briefly seen in the trailer along with Sandman. 

While some of these points are pure speculation in the great Marvel fan tradition, it's hard to ignore that some details from the announcement video did appear in the trailer. Will some of the other details appear in the next No Way Home teaser? What else is Marvel Studios trying to tell us? Hopefully, the answers (and the next trailer) will arrive sooner rather than later! 

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