New Spider-Man: No Way Home Footage Shows Bleeding Peter Parker

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Spider-Man No Way Home, Bleeding

Spider-Man: No Way Home will soon release in theaters after a two-and-a-half-year wait for Spider-Man: Far From Home's infamous cliffhanger mid-credits scene to be resolved. Thanks to various trailers and TV spots, fans are already well aware that not only will the movie contain the fallout from the reveal of Peter Parker being Spider-Man, but that the Multiverse and various villains from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy and Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man films will be involved.

While the likelihood of another trailer hitting the internet before the film comes out is low, new TV spots continue to be released in the ramp-up to the film's theatrical debut next week.

The latest contains a few new shots that give fans a few fresh clues as to what's in store in the latest MCU movie.

Spider-Man & Doctor Strange's Spell

Spider-Man: No Way Home's latest TV spot is only fifteen seconds long but manages to pack in some new shots of the movie into its short runtime. 

The spot focuses on Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, with sound bites from the two presumably discussing the spell the latter will cast to make the world forget Peter Parker is the MCU's web-slinger. 

Doctor Strange appears to be telling Peter about the consequences of his spell in this new still: 

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange
Sony Pictures

Peter looks concerned about the possible ramifications, likely serving as a tease of the botched spell later on: 

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Sony Pictures 

There are also a couple of shots of the Iron Spider suit in action in the bridge scene that has been a big part of the film's marketing campaign, as well as one of the red, gold, and black Spider-Man suit seen in other press and one of Peter Parker (in a Spider-Man getup minus the mask) and MJ looking as though they are about to kiss.

Peter looks badly injured at the tail-end of the footage, and this could come from the film's final battle. In this shot, the Marvel hero tells Strange to cast the spell, likely coming to terms about the fact that the world will forget his secret: 

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Sony Pictures

Strange, while looking at Peter, agrees to do it, ultimately leading to a successful spell: 

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange
Sony Pictures​​​​​

Overall, the TV spot is squarely focused on Doctor Strange's spell and the impact it will have, especially on Peter and MJ's relationship, rather than the Multiversal villains seen in previous marketing for the film.

The full promo can be watched below:


Spider-Man TV Spot Trickery?

This is sort of a "back to basics" TV spot, with no shots of the much-hyped villains from previous Spider-Man franchises at all. This serves as a reminder that while these characters are going to be there, the heart of the film's story is going to remain focused on the MCU's Peter Parker and how he deals with the fallout of his identity reveal and the spell to (hopefully) undo it.

It is noteworthy that most of the shots of Doctor Strange are obviously meant to take place when he is casting a spell, which is presumably the one previous trailers have focused on that is intended to make everyone forget Peter Parker is Spider-Man. The shot in which Peter says "Do it" is clearly meant to seem like he is responding to Doctor Strange's "Alright Parker, you ready?", but again, this could be taken out of context.

The "Do it" shot has Peter wearing a Spider-Man suit, which he is not seen in during the scene in which said spell is cast in the movie's initial trailer, meaning it is likely referring to something else. This could be another Doctor Strange spell (as the final shot he is in appears to take place outside of the Sanctum Sanctorum where he casts the memory wipe spell) or something else entirely.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits cinemas on December 17, 2021.

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