Spider Man 3: No Way Home Actor Hypes Up Jamie Foxx's Electro Appearance

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It seems like August 23rd will be a day that Marvel fans will always remember as the highly anticipated trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home is rumored to release.

With online leaks, shared rumors, and a tease from Tom Holland himself, it is safe to say that the excitement has reached a fever pitch for the third Spidey movie in the MCU. Characters from Marvel universes old and new have been linked to this movie, and the list is full of names bound to raise this kind of attention. MCU cameos like Doctor Strange, Marvel Netflix reports like Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, and even a rumored appearance from the veteran web-slingers Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. 

The cameo group rumored the most has been villains from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man franchise and Marc Webb's TASM run. Names like Willem Defoe and Alfred Molina reprising Green Goblin and Doc Oc respectively, have been attached to the film. While Defoe danced around the rumors when addressed, Molina was not afraid to spill details about his role as a de-aged Otto Octavius. 

However, Molina was not the first returning villain to confirm his part in No Way Home. That title goes to Jamie Foxx for starting this hype-madness nearly one year ago with a post teasing his return as Electro. He even doubled down hinting that he could be ditching his signature electric blue appearance.

As the clock winds down to the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, the cameo that started it all is back, as Spider-Man: Far From Home's JB Smoove has expressed his excitement for the shocking return of Jamie Foxx. 



When talking to The Illuminerdi, JB Smoove was asked which Spider-Man villain is he most excited to see in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Smoove emphatically expressed his excitement for Jamie Foxx as Electro just hours before the first teaser trailer drops. 

“Of course man, Jamie Foxx coming back, baby. Come on, what’s up, Jamie! That’s my dude right there, I’m excited, I’m very excited about it.”

Smoove also talked about his excitement to return as teacher Julius Dell in No Way Home and asked Marvel Studios to get his character some powers in the upcoming film:

"It's gonna be a great movie, it's gonna be fabulous. And Marvel, I don't mean to put the pressure on y'all, but I told y'all, I need some powers. I need some damn powers! C'mon!"


On a day full of fans actively distancing themselves from the internet to avoid spoilers for this trailer, JB Smoove is out here confirming rumors like it is his job. 

This movie is so full of opportunities to shock and amaze that audiences are hungry for any scrap of confirmation about any one of the dozens of major fan theories. While various actors, filmmakers, and websites have confirmed some of these, many MCU fans are conditioned not to believe anything until they see it. That is why Smoove being so open and excited about Jamie Foxx is such big news. 

Foxx returning as Electro would be in line with the massive scale many of these appearances hold. Such a major actor from one of the other two Spider-Man franchises appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home would be a headline on its own. Having that actor play the same Spidery villain he did in the Andrew Garfield-led film? That is cause for multiversal levels of excitement and possibly worry, from the masses. 

After what fans learned from Loki about the multiverse, variants, and different timelines, the possibilities are endless for actors to get a second go at characters. Jamie Foxx could likely be playing a variant of Electro, explaining why the same actor could be completely altering his blue-skinned appearance. This could also be an instance where we see Foxx within his own universe from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, without delving into MCU proper. There is also a chance his role could represent one of the biggest missing pieces in the multiverse puzzle. 

Loki explained what the multiverse is, why it is in madness, and why that is such a big problem. One thing that went unexplained is how multiple timelines can interact with one another. Foxx as Electro, Molina as Doc Oc, and Defoe as Green Goblin could represent the piece to that puzzle and the answer to one of the MCU's biggest questions. 

It is unknown to those who have not peaked if this question will be answered in the teaser trailer, or if it will be revealed in the film. Either way, the excitement for Spider-Man: No Way Home is as big as any project in recent history. Yet, JB Smoove just keeps on doing his thing, and no one seems to be upset about it. 

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