Jamie Foxx Reveals How Baby Driver Influenced Spider-Man: No Way Home Role

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Spider-Man: No Way Home featured returning villains from previous Spider-Man films led by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, and one of them is Electro played by Jamie Foxx. The Marvel actor's comeback was the first one to make headlines during the film's development, thus launching a multitude of rumors that the Multiverse will be involved in the threequel's storyline. 

After the news about his return, Foxx took to social media to celebrate his comeback, but he quickly took down his post to avoid spoilers for the movie. But this didn't stop fans and major news outlets from speculating about the Multiversal ramifications of Electro's sudden MCU arrival. 

Eventually, though, marketing confirmed Foxx's return as Electro with leading star Tom Holland first mentioning it during press junkets. The second trailer showcased Electro's upgraded design while TV spots featured more dialogue that explained his motivation in the threequel.

Now, as No Way Home is breaking box office records left-and-right, Foxx has revealed the inspiration for his Electro comeback. And surprisingly enough, Foxx actually pulled from another movie character that he played to get the job done right. 

Jamie Foxx Shares Electro Inspiration

Jamie Foxx, Baby Driver
Baby Driver

Electro star Jamie Foxx sat down with The New York Times to talk about his Marvel return in Spider-Man: No Way Home

When asked if anything changed about his approach towards Electro for the threequel, Foxx admitted that his Baby Driver character, Bats, served as an inspiration for his MCU return. The actor explained that No Way Home served as an opportunity to "let Bats a little bit in on Electro:"

"There was a character I played in 'Baby Driver,' his name was Bats. He got killed off, but this was an opportunity to let Bats a little bit in on Electro. He wasn’t like, I want to [expletive] everybody up — I just want to get mine. Everybody flying through the air, looking good, got girlfriends. That now becomes the mantra of Electro."

For those unaware, Bats in Baby Driver is an unhinged criminal who is reckless and loves nothing more than finding himself in dangerous situations.

Baby Driver
TriStar Pictures

The conversation then shifted into the topic of Electro being bad or good. Foxx pointed out that "it's always great to be bad" since "what makes the superheroes super is how bad the villains can be." 

Foxx then recalled the first time he was offered the role of Electro for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and how his kids "finally thought (he) was cool" because of it. He also gave a shoutout to the Spider-Man TV show back in the day, saying it's "mind-blowing" how he got to be a part of something so big: 

"All I can tell you is that my kids finally thought I was cool. 'OK, we get all that other stuff you’ve been doing. But what? You’re going to go where? Are you kidding me?' 

They just loved Andrew Garfield. I was so jazzed to be able to be a kid myself. Watching the 'Spider-Man' television show, back in the day, when his web was like a shoestring or whatever, and then to be part of this huge, huge world, it was just mind-blowing."

Electro's Interesting No Way Home Return

Jamie Foxx's latest comments essentially exemplify Electro's motivation in No Way Home, especially after his outing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 left unclear motives for the villain.

In the Andrew Garfield-led sequel, Foxx's Max Dillon started out as someone who was being bullied all the time and essentially a nobody. Once he obtained his powers, Dillon's attitude shifted to a revenge-seeking sociopath whose one goal was to be recognized by Spider-Man and the rest of the world. 

Aside from his upgraded design, many would agree that Electro has a different and more sinister vibe in No Way Home. Foxx's comparison of Electro with his Baby Driver character Bats appears to answer the question of how unique this Electro is. 

Electro pulled out all the stops in No Way Home as if he was someone who had just gotten out of prison. A specific dialogue revealed that the character is fascinated with "all the possibilities" in the new universe that he's in, and the villain cemented this claim in the film by finding enjoyment in trying to destroy Spider-Man. 

Meanwhile, Foxx's remark about joining the Spider-Man universe for the first time back in 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a testament to his passion for the character, as well as the love he has for his kids. Whether it's the Marvel/Sony sequel or the latest MCU project, many would agree that Foxx's love for Electro is apparent, and it clearly shows whenever he pops up on the big screen. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters worldwide. 

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