New Spider-Man: No Way Home Footage Shows Happy Hogan Wearing a Respirator

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Happy Hogan Footage

Spider-Man: No Way Home is only a few weeks away, which seems almost unbelievable given how long this film has been in the news stream. But it's true––tickets for the movie have finally gone on sale, and judging by the crashed websites across the board, people are excited for Tom Holland's next outing. Given all the rumors out there, the event is a strong contender for being one of the biggest MCU projects ever.

Joining Holland this time around will be a massive cast of villains. There's Alfred Molina's Doc Ock, Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin, Jamie Foxx's Electro, Lizard, and Sandman; who knows who else may show up after that?

Leaks and whispers across the web have indicated that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire may return to their respective Spider-Man roles to aid Holland in his Multiverse struggles. Given these rumors, fans are scouring the web for any new footage they can find, even if only a few seconds.

Well, Sony has now given fans just a little bit more to look at thanks to an international promo.

New Spider-Man and Happy Hogan Footage

Sony has revealed new footage from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man, MCU, Marvel, Tom Holland, Peter Parker
Marvel Studios

The international promo shows MJ and Peter's previously seen exchange over the phone, but with a few more seconds tacked on.

Spider-Man, MCU, Happy Hogan, Jon Favreau
Marvel Studios

Then, the promo reveals that Happy Hogan was listening in from the back corner of the room as he tries to sleep––joking about how he needs his eight hours.

Spider-Man, MCU, Happy Hogan, Jon Favreau
Marvel Studios

The device that Happy can be seen wearing is a CPAP machine, which helps with treating sleep apnea; a sleeping disorder.

The promo can be seen below:


Happy Hogan, the Eavesdropper

Happy Hogan has always been a fan favorite character, often serving as comedic relief in otherwise tense moments; not that he doesn't get his own dramatic opportunities.

What's important to note is that with Happy seemingly sleeping at Peter's place, this could indicate he feels the Parker family needs a little extra protection. This isn't surprising given the circumstances.

Could fans be seeing the moments before that intense sequence which seems to be an attack on where Peter and Aunt May live? The same one that seems to be putting her in some grave danger?

This may not line up simply due to the shot of Happy Hogan in the trailers showing him in his suit within a car as everything is on fire around him; but who knows? It's certainly something to think about.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters worldwide on December 17.

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