New Spider-Man: No Way Home Art Reveals Unused Electro Costume

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Spider-Man: No Way Home remains one of the most talked-about movies around, as Tom Holland's film has made a significant impact on pop culture. After all, the project was the culmination and crossover of three different generations of Spider-Man. What it was able to achieve blew audiences away and hit all the nostalgic buttons—not to mention those emotional levers as well.

Part of what made Spidey's most recent outing so big was the many returning villains. This includes the infamous Green Goblin played by Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina's Doc Ock, and several more.

Among those rogues was Jamie Foxx's Electro. While his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn't the most well-received by audiences, his return was still plenty of fun. What made it even more interesting was how, this time around, the interpretation of his appearance and powerset was overhauled.

Initially, the villain was made entirely of blue lighting, and for all intents and purposes, did not have his own body. However, that changed here, with Jamie Foxx getting to be more himself and donning a vastly different costume.

Now, thanks to artist Christian Cordella, fans can take a look at some unseen designs for the character that had a chance to make it on screen.

Unused Electro Costumes

Electro, Spider-Man: No Way Home

Artist Christian Cordella has shared some brand-new pieces of concept art showcasing unused designs for Jamie Foxx's Electro.

The first look shows Foxx's updated yellow lightning villain sporting a far more complex suit than what he got in the film's final version. Wires ran along his body, and yellow lightning bolts can be seen on his chest.

Marvel, Spider-Man, Electro, Jamie Foxx, MCU
Marvel Studios

The second piece of concept art is likely for when the character first shows up and is pretty close to what made the final cut. However, here Cordella kept Electro's blue lightning from his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Marvel, Spider-Man, Electro, Jamie Foxx, MCU
Marvel Studios

Here's a side-by-side of both final forms that Electro has been able to sport across his two live-action appearances.

Marvel, Spider-Man, Electro, Jamie Foxx, MCU
Sony/Marvel Studios


Electro Got His Body Back

Fans were far more welcoming to Spider-Man: No Way Home's version of the electric villain than in his debut, and it was clear that Jamie Foxx was having far more fun in this adaptation. After all, it was basically him getting to play himself, just with some supernatural villainous twists.

One of the biggest changes to the character was the color of his lightning. Many didn't like his color in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, despite that blue version being just as comic-accurate as the bad guy being yellow.

Marvel Studios went ahead and took his Multiversal adventure as an opportunity to course-correct and went the way of yellow—clearly, it worked. Electro is far more popular these days than he ever has been before; so much so that Sony may even be considering a spinoff for the character.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is playing in theaters worldwide.

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