Spider-Man: No Way Home Art Reveals Gorgeous Deleted Scene

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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, concept art of Happy Hogan’s apartment

Marvel Studios and Sony Picture's Spider-Man: No Way Home has captured the hearts of fans and critics alike as it continues to rake in revenue at the box office. The movie serves as a bombastic finale in the first MCU Spider-Man trilogy while also maintaining its core as a Peter Parker story, through and through, despite everything going on in the film's plot, including Multiversal Spider-Men and villains.

And speaking of those evildoers from other dimensions, in the film, Peter Parker comes up with a plan to cure them of their villainous ways. This involves using a Stark Industries Fabricator machine to assemble the components for a replacement control chip for Doc Ock's tentacles and formulate a serum to eliminate Norman Osborn's other half, the Green Goblin.

As fans saw in the film, the fabricating contraption was housed in the swanky penthouse apartment of Stark Industries' head of security, one Mr. Harold "Happy" Hogan.

A Look At Happy's "Spiritual Osasis"

Maciej Kuciara, a concept artist on Spider-Man: No Way Home, posted an illustration of Happy's apartment to Twitter. Seems like Happy was living the sweet life in this ritzy building in Manhattan.

Have a look below:

Happy Hogan’s New York apartment

 A slightly zoomed-in look at the concept art offers a better look at the interior:

Happy Hogan’s New York apartment

And in a scene that was not shown in the finished film, Peter has webbed himself up a hammock and relaxes on the balcony.

Peter Parker hangs out in a hammock made from webbing


A Tony Stark-Level Pad

While this is only conceptual art, the final set in the film looks to have adhered pretty close to the illustration.

It's always neat to get an inside look at the design process behind these mega-blockbusters. It gives fans a better sense of where the production was going and what they were trying to achieve.

It's also interesting to note that Happy's apartment in the film was so Tony Stark-esque that one could probably smell the Axe Body Spray when they walked in the door. Is the design of the place meant to imply that it once belonged to Tony? Maybe Happy inherited it after Stark's untimely demise in Avengers: Endgame?

It's presently unknown where and when Happy Hogan will next appear, but it stands to reason that Tony's former bodyguard will show up in Marvel Studios' upcoming series, Armor Wars, given his close ties to Stark Industries and its tech, which will reportedly fall into the wrong hands in the show.

Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: No Way Home has now swung into theaters across the globe.

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