Spider-Man Won't Be the Last Hero Added to Marvel's Avengers

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Marvel's Avengers game Spider-Man

When Marvel's Avengers game was released last year, there were heavy expectations. It's safe to say that those expectations fell short on nearly every account; the game's launch is on record as being one of the more disastrous in recent memories.

With problems including, but not limited to, countless bugs, meaningless and unexciting loot, lazy cosmetics, little to no villains, and no endgame content, the game has been teetering on the edge of extinction for quite some time.

Square Enix recently released the War for Wakanda expansion, which introduced Black Panther to the game as a playable character. While the company likely hoped that this new content would bring in new interest, not much has really happened.

There has been substantial fear among the fanbase of the game that this might be the last year of support for the game. However, Square Enix is trying their best to make it clear that there will be plenty more to come in 2022, past their obligatory release of Spider-Man for Sony.

More Heroes Are Coming For Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers Wakanda

In their 55th weekly blog for their Avengers game, Square Enix promised their fans that there will be more heroes added after Spider-Man and more content continuing into 2022.

Their first main bullet point is in reference to the reworks that fans have been demanding (for good reason), where they say "[they are] still working on all the system reworks and are making good progress."

Then comes the big update, where the developer states they "want to reiterate that [they] have more content coming in 2022, including Heroes and Villains."

Spider-Man Isn't the Last

Back when the game first launched, there were countless leaks about what heroes might be next on the list. These datamined files included proof of characters such as She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, War Machine, Mar-Vell, Ant-Man, Wasp, and many more. 

Because of the extremely poor launch, as well as the developer's continually tone-deaf and slow responses to all of the criticisms being tossed at them, it's very likely that many of these have been scrapped—or at least put on hold indefinitely.

When it comes to what heroes may actually make it into the game, out of those initially leaked heroes who already have some form of progress completed on their development, both Captain Marvel and She-Hulk stand out as key options, especially given that Jennifer Walters has her own show coming up on Disney+.

Ant-Man and the Wasp are also good candidates, given the foundation they already have in the game. The developers could also take advantage of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and bring Doctors Strange and Wanda Maximoff into the fold.

Of course, all of this hinges on the developer's ability to turn the game around. Given how they've done so far, the prospects don't look all that bright.

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