Spider-Man: Homecoming Originally Featured More Avengers With Chris Evans' Cap

Spider-Man, Captain America
By Richard Nebens Posted:

Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to light the comic book movie world ablaze upon its arrival in December 2021 as it completes Tom Holland's first solo trilogy within the MCU. To help lead up to this massive event, fans are taking the chance to rewatch past Spider-Man adventures that will play a role in this threequel, which includes Holland's first MCU solo movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

After his initial introduction to the MCU in Captain America: Civil War, Homecoming took Spidey back to his native Queens to show his early progression as a superhero while balancing that life with his life as Peter Parker. This solo outing also had the chance to do what no other live-action Spider-Man movie could by referencing the MCU's Avengers.

One of those fun references came in the form of a Public Service Announcement video that Peter and his classmates watched in gym class featuring Chris Evans' Captain America. Thanks to new insight from one of the Homecoming's writers, Cap wasn't almost the only Avenger to appear in one of these informational clips.

More Avengers Planned for Homecoming PSA's

During a quarantine watch party for Spider-Man: Homecoming, writer Jonathan Golstein revealed on Twitter that there were more PSA videos planned for use at other points in the movie. These videos would have featured other Avengers teammates, although Chris Evans' Captain America was the only one to appear in them during the final cut.

"We had about five more of these educational videos with Avengers in them.

ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis proceeded to ask if any of these other spots made it into production, to which Goldstein simply replied "I don't think so."

Captain America Not the Only Educational Video

Captain America's PSA videos not only gave Chris Evans another fun cameo the way Thor: The Dark World did, but they also helped firmly set Spider-Man: Homecoming within the MCU narrative. Although these quotes indicate that there were other ideas for more Avengers cameos, the theories regarding what they could have been start to flow out for fans.

Considering that Homecoming largely took place two months after Civil War, team members who were on the run like Sam Wilson or Clint Barton were likely off the table for these videos. Additionally, two founding Avengers in Thor and the Hulk were off-world taking on their adventures in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok.

That still leaves plenty of options for some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes that the government could have enlisted to help with these messages to the kids.

Paul Bettany's Vision would likely have given something completely by-the-books with little emotion as he was still recovering from the emotional trauma he endured in Germany. Don Cheadle's Colonel James Rhodes may have been recruited for this endeavor too, although it likely would have been low on his priorities considering he was relearning how to walk with his Stark prosthetics.

That only leaves Black Panther, who was dealing with his own civil war in Wakanda, and the duo of Iron Man and Spider-Man. Tony Stark clearly would have made the video a fun experience for himself, but the end result of what was planned is still a complete mystery.

With Homecoming being Spidey's first solo movie within the MCU, Sony and Marvel wanted to find the right way to incorporate him into a universe where the Avengers were prominent. These videos from Captain America certainly did their part, although more Avengers appearances would have made for quite an experience in-universe as well.

Spider-Man will make his next MCU appearance in December's Spider-Man: No Way Home.