Spider-Man: Far From Home Concept Art Reveals Unused Hydro-Man Design

By Richard Nebens Posted:
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While fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe films usually only look at the visuals and spectacles that come in the final cut of the movies, there are always years of planning and dozens of different designs that the studios go through before making any final decisions. Usually most of these designs don't end up coming to light until long after the films have released in theaters.

Through the past few weeks of the entire film industry being shut down, filmmakers and high profile artists have been sharing new looks into old projects to bring back some nostalgia as fans go through rewatches of their favorite movies . Another of these inside looks has just arrived, giving new details into one of the biggest set pieces from the last MCU film released in theaters.


In a new Instagram post , concept artist Jerad Marantz shared an image of concept art for Hydro-Man from Spider-Man: Far From Home . As described by Merantz in the photo's caption, this version of Hydro-Man was sort of a science-experiment-gone-wrong scenario during the film's earliest brainstorming stages of development.

Jerad Merantz has a long history in Marvel Studios' art department as a concept artist for films like Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 , Black Panther , Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame . He has done fantastic work in designing some of the biggest moments in the MCU's recent history, especially over the last few years.

This look at Hydro-Man turned out to be something very different from the final design of the character in the movie, but it shows just how much change happens over the entire production process. All of the Elementals that Mysterio used to bring terror on the world were absolutely massive beings that seemed to wreak all kinds of havoc, and they all ended up with a much less detailed face than Merantz's detailed designs.

Spider-Man: Far From Home brought fans possibly the most massive solo movie in the web-slinger's history with his adventures all over Europe , and Merantz's designs for the film's villains helped build the foundation for the film's massive scale. The successful concept artist should hopefully be around for the long run designing Marvel Studios' numerous scheduled projects over the next few years.

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