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Someone Like You movie main characters

Someone Like You boasts a strong cast of actors led by Sarah Fisher and Jake Allyn. 

The new 2024 romance movie is based on Karen Kingsbury’s novel of the same name. 

Someone Like You tells the story of Dawson Allen as he tries to search for the missing twin sister of the love of his life, London Quinn. Upon finding the twin, he unexpectedly falls in love with her, leading to an emotional decision that could change his life. 

Someone Like You premiered in theaters on April 2.

Every Main Cast Member of Someone Like You 

Sarah Fisher - London Quinn/Andi Allen

Sarah Fisher as London Quinn
Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher is part of Someone Like You’s cast as London Quinn and Andi Allen.

London is the love of Dawson’s life. The pair have been best friends ever since childhood, but tragedy strikes after London unexpectedly dies, leaving Dawson shattered. 

Fisher also portrays Andi Allen, London's long-lost twin sister who is dumbfounded over the fact that she has a new family waiting for her in Portland.

Fisher is best known for her memorable performances in Degrassi: The Next Generation, Kiss & Cry, and Left Behind.

Jake Allyn - Dawson Gage 

Jake Allyn as Dawson Gage
Jake Allyn

Jake Allyn leads the cast of Someone Like You as Dawson Gage.

Dawson is at the center of the 2024 movie's story as he tries to fulfill London's parents' desire to find the missing twin sibling of his ultimate love. 

When Dawson successfully finds Andi, sparks fly between the pair. 

Allyn's notable credits include No Man's Land, The Quad, and The Baxters

Lynn Collins - Louise Quinn

Lynn Collins as Louise Quinn
Lynn Collins

Louise Quinn (played by Lynn Collins) is London's mother who tells Dawson about her daughter's long-lost twin sibling born from a frozen embryo that she and her husband previously donated.

Collins has credits in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Number 23, and John Carter.

Robyn Lively - Dr. Jenny Allen

Robyn Lively as Jenny Allen
Robyn Lively

Robyn Lively joins the cast of Someone Like You as Dr. Jenny Allen. 

Jenny is Andi's adoptive mother and a respected doctor in the community. She tries her best to give Andi the life that she deserves. 

Lively has over 100 credits, including roles in Teen Witch, The Karate Kid Part III, and Wildcats.

Bart Johnson - Dr. Jim Allen

Bart Johnson as Dr. Jim Allen
Bart Johnson

Bart Johnson appears in the movie as Dr. Jim Allen, Jenny's husband and Andi's adoptive father. 

Jim has been insisting to Jenny to tell Andi the truth about her true lineage. He also acts as his wife and Amy's support system as Andi leaves them to learn more about the Quinns.

High School Musical fans may recognize Johnson for his role as Jack Bolton in the three Disney movies. The actor also appeared in Quantum Leap and 9-1-1: Lone Star.

Scott Reeves - Larry Quinn

Scott Reeves as Larry Quinn
Scott Reeves

Scott Reeves' Larry Quinn is London's father and Louise's husband. 

In the movie, Larry and Louise make a joint decision to use in vitro fertilization to have a baby (who later turns out to be London). 

It is then revealed that they also donated another embryo to a fertility doctor with the condition of never seeking any information about what happened to it.

Reeves' most recognizable role is playing Noel Laughlin in Nashville

Austin Robert Russell - Matt Bryant 

Austin Robert Russell as Matt Bryant
Austin Robert Russell

Austin Robert Russell brings Matt Bryant to life in Someone Like You.

In the film, Matt is Andi's soon-to-be fiancé, but Dawson's arrival derails the plan. 

Russell previously appeared in Snapped, 12 Mighty Orphans, and Valentine's Town.

Brandon Hirsch - Carl Smith

Brandon Hirsch as Carl Smith
Brandon Hirsch

Carl Smith is Dawson's best friend who tells him that pursuing Andi and transferring his love from London to her is quite weird. The character is played on-screen by Brandon Hirsch. 

Hirsch thrived on the small screen after his memorable roles as Dr. Matthew Blair in Black Lightning, Devyonne Johnson in Atlanta, and Tim Jacobs in The Baxters.

Mary Marguerite Hall - Amy Allen

Mary Marguerite Hall as Amy Allen
Mary Marguerite Hall

Amy Allen (played by Mary Marguerite Hall) is Andi's younger sister who is sad that she is leaving them behind to possibly start a new life with the Quinns. 

Hall has credits in Merry & Gay, Snap, and Mike.

Lindsay Ross Davenport - Hannah Smith

Lindsay Ross Davenport as Hannah Smith
Lindsay Ross Davenport

Lindsay Ross Davenport stars as Hannah Smith in Someone Like You

Davenport can be seen in Nashville and Still the King.

Jenique Bennett - Viola

Jenique Bennett  as Viola
Jenique Bennett 

Jenique Bennett appears in the film as Viola. 

Bennett is known for her roles in Welcome to Flatch, Along for the Ride, and The Fox Hunter.

Someone Like You is now playing in theaters. 

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