Solo: A Star Wars Story Director Admits Fan Support Could Help Bring Characters Back in Future

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Han Solo, Ron Howard

Star Wars is best known for telling stories from different perspectives and points of time across their interconnected narrative. This paved the way to further expand the franchise in surprising ways, adding more characters and storylines to its already-extensive canon. 

While tie-in books and video games maximized on that front, this endeavor was further amplified by the presence of anthology films that were released in the form of Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars StoryWhile the former earned admiration from critics and fans, even leading to the development of a spin-off series (Cassian Andor), the latter didn't do well financially. 

This development squashed any hopes for a potential sequel. Still, there are still fans who loved the film, even creating their own #MakeSolo2Happen campaign on social media to grab the attention of Disney and Lucasfilm. And now, a new interview with the film's director may offer hope to those diehards who are eager for a sequel for Solo


As reported by Star Wars NetSolo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard spoke with the Lights, Camera, Barstool movie podcast to open up about the 2018 anthology film. Howard shared that there are currently "no rumblings" about a potential sequel, but the director did admit that there is "interest in those characters:"

"No rumblings, though, and this is not a spoiler or anything, but I think there is interest in those characters. I think there’s interest in the gangster world somewhere down the line. But I can assure you there is nothing being developed right now for a movie or Disney Plus. But, one great thing is there has been a lot of affection shown for Solo, and so of course that keeps boding well for them to eventually turn it around.”

Meanwhile, the report also pointed out a tweet from Solo screenwriter Jon Kasdan about a deleted scene from the anthology film, fueling speculations that a potential sequel might happen: 



It is no secret that Han Solo is a fan-favorite character from the Star Wars franchise, and it's safe to say that the character has a bright future ahead thanks to the recent comments of Ron Howard. The interest to continue Solo's story isn't surprising since the film left a massive cliffhanger that left fans curious about what comes next.

Still, it's refreshing to hear Howard's optimism about the future of the character, especially after his previous (and firm) comments about Solo not getting a sequel. The story possibilities for Solo are endless, and it certainly has plot potential for it to be explored in a potential Disney+ series if the stars align.

As it is, the interest for the character could function as a springboard for Solo to eventually get its much-deserved sequel or series down the line. More so, the continued teases of Solo screenwriter Jon Kasdan may end up helping the cause of the #MakeSolo2Happen campaign, ultimately earning the long-sought green light from Lucasfilm. 

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