New Solo: A Star Wars Story Concept Art Reveals Unused Action Scene

By Andrew Gilman Posted:
Solo Concept Art, Han

It would appear that this is Solo: A Star Wars Story week, as the second live-action spinoff film is once again making the news cycle. Alden Ehrenreich recently provided an update on the potential for a continuation of a younger Han Solo's story, unfortunately reporting that he knows nothing of a sequel.

It's well known that Solo was a colossal disaster for Disney and Lucasfilm at the box office, but among the fan base it was actually pretty well-received. Future films starring Ehrenreich as Han seem to have bleak prospects, but a sequel would be greeted with open arms by many fans. While the road ahead may seem narrow, a concept artist on Solo has shared a new look back, revealing a design that went unused in the film...


Concept artist Vincent Jenkins has shared on Instagram a design he did for the final shootout in Solo: A Star Wars Story . The art, depicting the showdown between Han Solo and Dryden Vos on the top of the Millennium Falcon , can be seen below:


The final showdown in Solo was incredibly tense, and the tight confines of Dryden Vos' office aboard his yacht made for a dramatic challenge Han had to face. Jenkins' concept art offers unique potential that would produce the opposite effect that was achieved in the film, but remains equally harrowing. Concept art always serves as a "what could have been" for Star Wars films, as there are so many talented artists with neat new ideas.

It's uncertain how the showdown taking place on the top of the Falcon would have altered the plot. Chewie can be seen in the cockpit of the ship, which could complicate having Beckett take the fuzzball into custody with the coaxium prior to his shootout with Han. There's a good chance this concept never got past the design phase before the final version was written, but it's something that could easily be revisited should a follow-up to Solo ever come to fruition.

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