Who Is Kim Jin-Young? 5 Things to Know About Single's Inferno Star

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Kim Jin-Young Singles' Inferno

Fans have found a familiar face in Season 3 of Single's Inferno on Netflix: the charismatic Kim Jin-Young (also known as Dex). 

The 28-year-old (born in 1985) previously appeared in Season 2 of the Korean dating show but has taken on a new role in this latest batch of episodes, serving as a Ryan Secret-style emcee to commentate all the drama on Inferno Island. 

4 Facts About Kim Jin-Young from Single's Inferno

Kim Jin-Young on Single's Inferno
Kim Jin-Young

Single’s Inferno Isn’t the Only Reality Show Kim Jin-Young’s Been On

While Kim Jin-Young is now a veteran of Single's Inferno, the Netflix dating show is not the first experience Dex has had on a reality series. 

The Korean Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) soldier has also appeared in South Korean reality shows Game of Blood and Zombieverse. 

On his appearance in Zombieverse (a reality series where contestants are forced to survive a simulated zombie outbreak), Kim told Asiazone his UDT experience prepared him for some of the thought decisions he would have to make in the series, including jumping into freezing water to save teammates:

“When I was in the special forces, I did a lot of underwater training. We’d have to immerse ourselves in freezing water, so I have PTSD from cold water. I shower with hot water even in the summer.”

He remembered the moments before diving into the ice-cold sea in the TV show, lamenting "It was a situation where we were gradually pushed further away [from the shore]," so it was something he "had to do:"

“It was a situation where we were gradually pushed further away [from the shore] by the waves.” 

Kim Still Makes Vlogs on YouTube

It is not just on terrestrial TV and streaming Kim has entertained fans. 

The reality television star also has a personal YouTube channel where he uploads vlogs about his life. 

The Single's Inferno emcee has garnered over 750,000 subscribers on his channel, posting content about his travels, exercise, and even what he is eating. 

His biggest video ("The reason why I gain weight when I go back to my hometown") has over three million views, showcasing the TV personality eating all sorts of delicious food from Suncheon, South Korea.

Kim Might Start Acting in K-Dramas Soon

So far in his TV career, Kim Jin-Young has only ever appeared in reality-based content, but that may not be the case for long. 

According to reports, Kim might be eyeing a place in the incredibly popular K-drama scene. The Single's Inferno star reportedly received - and currently "is positively reviewing" - an offer to appear in the upcoming i Shopping series, based on the popular Kakoa webtoon (per Soompi). 

The series is a revenge tale of adopted children sold by a mysterious adoption broker organization, and Kim's role in the series has not yet been made public. 

No, Kim Isn’t Dating Kwon Eunbi

Despite speculation, Kim Jin-Young is not dating Korean actress and singer Kwon Eunbi. 

Eunbi - a member of the former girl group Ye-A - has been linked with Kim for months, as fans believed the two were romantically involved. 

However, the Korean musician dispelled these rumors, appearing on the popular South Korean talk show Radio Star and saying the pair were "just good friends" (via Times of India). 

Eunbi joked about Kim's flirtatious energy on his various reality appearances, remarking "he’s just flirty by nature:"

“I saw he went on another variety show and was flirting (with other guests). I thought that type of behaviour was wrong, so I always tell him, ‘That’s what’s wrong with you’, but I think that he’s just flirty by nature."

Kim Admits His Dating Habits Haven’t Changed That Much

Following his appearance as a contestant on Single's Inferno, Kim Jin-Young disclosed that his dating habits have not changed. 

He told Netflix in November, "I don’t think I’ll change my dating patterns much even after going on the show," adding he "learned that the opposite party won’t know anything if I don’t express myself:"

I think the first question should be: Do you have anyone to go on a date with? To be honest, I don’t think I’ll change my dating patterns much even after going on the show. I think I’ll still take my time getting to know my potential partner. One thing is for sure — I definitely learned that the opposite party won’t know anything if I don’t express myself. If there is someone I want to hold onto, I will try to be more proactive in expressing my interest compared to when I was on the show.

Where Can Fans Follow Kim Jin-Young Online?

Those who want to keep up with Kim Jin-Young online can follow the reality star on his personal Instagram (@dex_xed), YouTube (@dex101), and Twitch (endex101). 

Singles Inferno Season 3 continues on Netflix with new episodes dropping every Tuesday until January 9, 2024. 

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