Meet Kim Gyu-Ri: 4 Things to Know About Single's Inferno 3 Contestant

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Kim Gyu-Ri, Single's Inferno

It's time to learn everything fans want about popular Single's Inferno 3 contestant Kim Gyu-Ri.

Single's Inferno is back with Season 3 run on Netflix, following nine "young flirty Korean singles" looking for love on a deserted island, which "they can only escape as couples" (via Netflix's official synopsis).

According to the rules, one twist of this show is that no contestants are allowed to share personal details until they actually couple up with other people, adding a new level of drama and setting it apart from other dating shows.

The nine contestants include 28-year-old Kim Gyu-Ri (born in 1995), who is already taking fans by storm as she and her co-stars seek out love.

Who Is Kim Gyu-Ri In Single's Inferno Season 3?

Kim Gyu-Ri in Single's Inferno

Kim Is a Professional Fashion Model

Kim is notable in Korea for her career as a model, shooting for multiple fashion brands across her home country.

One of the more famous brands she's worked with is the clothing brand WHO.A.U, which she highlighted on her Instagram page with photos of herself in a grey sweater and a black skirt.

Via Reality Titbit, Kim explained that she "really likes standing in front of the camera and being [herself]," enjoying all of the excitement of her modeling career.

She revealed that a modeling journey opened up for her in college; from there, she "kept going for it" as she built her presence as a star.

Kim Took Part in Miss Korea 2022

Adding a new level of cache to her modeling career, Kim was a competitor in the Miss Korea 2022 pageant, as seen on her Instagram page.

Miss Korea was far from the only pageant she took part in as well, competing in multiple other competitions across South Korea over her career. 

Kim Is a Diehard Slytherin

As is the case with millions worldwide, Kim is a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, sharing multiple images and videos on Instagram of her trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood.

At the park, she was seen donning a green-and-silver tie along with black-and-green Slytherin robes, showing her support for her favorite house and embracing the magic of this franchise amongst hundreds of other fans.

Kim Is a Massive Cat Lover

Kim is also publicly known as an animal lover, specifically sharing her affinity for cats on social media.

Her Story Highlights on Instagram include dozens of pictures and images of cats, and she also frequently shares photos and videos from a specific Instagram account under the handle @winter_cat___.

While it's unconfirmed, there's a high chance that Kim runs that page, considering her page and this one follow each other. However, it's tough to say for sure due to the differing language used in both accounts.

Single's Inferno 3's Kim Gyu-Ri can be found on Instagram at @citruszl.

Meanwhile, new episodes of Single's Inferno Season 3 air on Netflix every Tuesday until January 9, 2024.

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