Shoresy Season 4 Gets Big Announcement: When Will It Release?

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Those waiting for the release of Shoresy Season 4 got an exciting new update regarding the season's development.

Following 12 seasons and 81 episodes of Letterkenny, the hit Canadian sitcom gained a spin-off in 2022's Shoresy. The series highlights a team in a Triple-A-level senior hockey organization in Northern Ontario that looks to turn its fortunes around after living at the bottom of the standings.

Led by Letterkenny's Jared Keeso in a new but familiar role, Shoresy finished its third six-episode season in June 2021. Now, after releasing one season per year since 2022, the next chapter in its story may not be far from release.

Shoresy Season 4 Filming Announcement

Shoresy hockey players

The Globe and Mail announced that Shoresy Season 4 is about to start production in late June, teasing a release sooner than many fans expected.

According to the report, the Letterkenny spin-off is set to begin shooting soon in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

This comes one day after Shoresy Season 3 debuted on Hulu on June 21. Its sixth and final episode concluded with the message "This is the end of Shoresy" in black and white text, although it was quickly followed by a message underneath reading "Part 1," teasing the prospect of "Part 2" Shoresy episodes to come. 

When Will Shoresy Season 4 Release?

Shoresy's production-to-release schedule has been largely consistent over the last two years, only taking a few months at a time to complete filming.

Per The Sudbury Star, Season 1 initially started shooting in November 2021 and debuted six months later in May 2022.

April 2023 saw Season 2 start filming, as noted by the official X (formerly Twitter) account for the fictional Shoresy Hockey Team. Those six episodes hit the air in September 2023, shortening the timeframe by about a month.

Most recently, ahead of its May 2024 arrival, Season 3 (per CBC) had cameras rolling in November 2024, returning to the six-month production schedule.

Should Season 4 follow that same trend, fans can expect Shoresy to be back with new episodes in late 2024. However, an early 2025 premiere for Season 4 is not out of the question if the series wants to continue its 1-season-per-year release trend.

The "Part 1" tease also opens the door for these new episodes to be in Part 2 of Season 3 considering how the show made a point to bring that message to the last episode.

However, with all of Shoresy's seasons being only six episodes thus far, the likelihood is that they will make up Season 4, adding the next chapter to this story.

The first three seasons of Shoresy are now streaming on Hulu.

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