She-Hulk’s Sakaar Spaceship Explained: Thor & Avengers Connections Revealed

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is set to explore the Hulk side of the Marvel universe, allowing fans to uncover more of the history of Bruce Banner and his cousin, Jennifer Walters. There have been many lingering questions surrounding Banner ever since his MCU debut, but answering those queries has been hard due to the fact that the character hasn't had a solo project since 2008's The Incredible Hulk

Aside from starring in all of the Avengers movies, Mark Ruffalo's MCU hero was also part of Thor: Ragnarok. The Chris Hemsworth-led threequel confirmed that Hulk took over Bruce's body for two years on Sakaar, but this subplot wasn't fully explored. 

Despite that, She-Hulk's first official clip confirmed that the series will tackle Hulk's past on Sakaar, as hinted by Banner and Walters being attacked by a familiar-looking ship from Ragnarok. This led to speculation that someone related to Hulk is piloting the ship, teasing an unexpected reveal in the series. 

She-Hulk's Thor: Ragnarok Connections Explained

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for She-Hulk Episode 1. 

She-Hulk's premiere revealed that a Sakaaran spaceship led to Jennifer Walters' transformation into She-Hulk, as a result of Bruce Banner's blood contaminating his cousin.


Although the spaceship (which resembles the Grandmaster's Commodore) didn't fire any shots toward Walters and Banner, its presence in front of them was more than enough to startle her, which caused the accident. 

After Hulk rescued his cousin, the pair went to his secret base in Mexico, where it all became clear what the spaceship really is. Banner revealed that the spaceship that suddenly appeared is from Sakaar, describing it as a "Sakaaran Class A Courier Craft."


Banner said that someone from Sakaar is "trying to deliver a message," jokingly pointing out to Walters that "weird stuff just kinda finds you when you're a Hulk." 

It's reasonable to assume that future episodes of She-Hulk will dive into this mystery even deeper, potentially revealing the true pilot of the Sakaaran spacecraft. One potential theory could reveal just who is trying to reach Bruce Banner: Skaar, Hulk's son from the comics.

Is She-Hulk Teasing the Arrival of Hulk's Son? 

The Direct first reported that Skaar would appear in She-Hulk, but Marvel has yet to confirm his involvement (as expected). 

In Marvel Comics, Skaar is the son of Bruce Banner, and he was conceived during the Hulk's time on Sakaar during the Planet Hulk storyline.  Skaar has similar powers to his father, and he also inherited abilities from his mother Caiera, a Sakaaran. 


Thor: Ragnarok established that the MCU's Hulk has a personality, meaning that this doesn't discount the possibility that he could've fallen in love and impregnated someone in Sakaar. Given that She-Hulk is set years after Ragnarok combined with the fact that time moves differently on Sakaar, it's likely that Hulk's son is an adult in the present-day MCU. 

With that in mind, Skaar serving as the pilot of the Sakaaran spacecraft could be a real possiiblity. Still, it remains to be seen how Hulk's offspring was able to track Bruce Banner on Earth, but a key device could be the culprit. 

During Banner and Walter's conversation, the latter revealed to the former that he was able to use a device that allowed him to turn human again instead of being Smart Hulk. There's a chance that Skaar somehow tracked his father down through the device that Banner used, thus resulting in that surprising encounter. 

She-Hulk's big reveal could heavily revolve around the introduction of Skaar, and it could hint at the arrival of two major MCU projects. 

Will Skaar's Debut Lead to Young Avengers or World War Hulk?

Young Avengers

In the comics, Skaar is not a member of the Young Avengers. Instead, he was recruited by Norman Osborn to become part of the Dark Avengers, but he betrayed them since the young hero was actually a double agent working for Steve Rogers. 

Given that the MCU has a history of retconning the comics, Skaar may end up becoming a member of the franchise's version of the Young Avengers down the line, serving as the Hulk counterpart of the team. This role was given to Hulkling in the comics, but the MCU could incorporate an actual member of the Hulk bloodline to strengthen the young superhero group.

However, Skaar's proper introduction needs to happen first before his Young Avengers inclusion. 

Skaar, Hulk

Skaar's debut could add another layer to Banner's complex MCU history, and his dynamic with his long-lost father should make for an exciting piece of the storyline for fans. It remains to be seen, though, if Hulk's side of Banner will be unleashed again once he sees Skaar in person.

One way for Skaar's backstory to be fully fleshed out and for the MCU to do a deep dive into Hulk's mythos is to move forward with the rumored World War Hulk movie. In the comics, World War Hulk is a storyline about Hulk returning to Earth to take his revenge against the superhero teams that exiled him on Sakaar. 

Although Mark Ruffalo is open to being part of such a film, a previous rumor revealed a discouraging update about World War Hulk, with scooper Charles Murphy admitting that he hasn't heard anything about its development.

Despite that, it does seem that She-Hulk is potentially setting up World War Hulk, and it could all start with Skaar's arrival.

The Disney+ series may potentially end with Hulk training his son Skaar to become Earth's protector, or it could end with the reveal that Skaar decided to find his dad to recruit him to fix a potential issue that involves both of them, leading to an intriguing World War Hulk storyline that is tied to the larger MCU. Alternatively, Skaar may fill his father's role as the center of the World War Hulk narrative, seeking revenge on Bruce Banner for ditching him on Sakaar all those years ago.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's first episode is now streaming on Disney+.

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