She-Hulk Director on Casting a Man to Play She-Hulk In Finale Sequence (Exclusive)

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Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law just brought one of the most unique season finales of any MCU Disney+ show to date to close out Season 1. This started right from the episode's opening minutes with a look into Jennifer Walters' mind, allowing her to recap the first eight episodes while paying tribute to the opening sequence from Bill Bixby's The Incredible Hulk TV series from the '70s.

This sequence even included a bold decision to use a male actor to portray She-Hulk as Jen remembered the humiliating events from her awards dinner when Intelligencia put her personal life on display for a crowd. That actor was Devon Lewis, who celebrated the opportunity to bring this one-of-a-kind moment to the She-Hulk finale as he teamed up with Tatiana Maslany to show the struggle that Jen experienced as her life fell apart.

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In an exclusive interview with The Direct, She-Hulk director Kat Corio took fans through this sequence and explained the process behind bringing the moment to life, noting how much fun it was to shoot. And later in that chat, she also opened up on her experience working with Graves to make that dream sequence a memorable part of the series.

She-Hulk Director on Male She-Hulk Actor

Speaking exclusively with The Direct's Pamela Gores, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law director Kat Coiro discussed bodybuilder Devon Lewis' work as the version of She-Hulk that appeared in Jennifer Walters' dream sequence from Episode 9.

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When asked what she wanted fans to know about the making of the show, Coiro noted that Graves told her how he'd "always dreamed about growing up to be Hulk," but that this was completely different than how he imagined it. She remembered laughing about the idea of "being very specific" with childhood dreams like that one:

Gores: “And then, one thing I would love to know is what is one thing you think the world should know about making She-Hulk that you haven’t been asked about yet, now that it’s there for the world to see. What would you like people to know about the making of this series?”

Coiro: “Well, I have two things. One, that opening credits fever dream from the original, the man who played She-Hulk, the body builder who wears the evening gown. He said when he was a little boy, he always dreamed about growing up to be Hulk, but it wasn’t quite how he imagined it as he stood in the evening gown. And we were laughing about just being very specific with your dreams when you were a child.

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In a related post on TikTok, Lewis himself shared his reaction to portraying She-Hulk, expressing how amazing his experience with Marvel Studios was. He confirmed Coiro's comment about having "the dream of being The Incredible Hulk," noting that it was a "funny way" for the universe to make that happen in this show:

So this has been a hidden project that I’m grateful to say I was apart of She-Hulk was by far the greatest set I was ever apart August 18th 2 days from now you’ll see it in the making… Being apart of Marvel Studios was amazing one I couldn’t be happier to be apart of! Being the body double of She Hulk was amazing and now you can watch it on Disney+ don’t miss it! I always had the dream of being The Incredible Hulk but the universe has a funny way of answering you I was She Hulk 

I REGRET NOTHING… looking forward to the next Marvel Studios project Hopefully a main character next go round I’m ready!

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Coiro and Graves Laugh About She-Hulk's Hulk Moment

Looking at the big picture, having a male actor play She-Hulk for this kind of moment seemed to encapsulate the story perfectly as Jennifer Walters lost control of her anger at her own awards ceremony in Episode 8. The best part is that both Coiro and Lewis enjoyed the irony of this moment so much, with Lewis' dream of playing the Hulk coming true much differently than he could have anticipated.

This sequence was just one of many ways that She-Hulk paid tribute to the extended Hulk family's long-standing legacy in Marvel Comics, both on the page and on the screen. Episode 9 took this to new levels, starting off with a nod to Bill Bixby's TV series from the '70s and ending with She-Hulk going full meta and talking to the robotic AI that runs the MCU within the MCU itself, appropriately named KEVIN after studio president Kevin Feige.

Whether Lewis returns for a potential second season of She-Hulk is a mystery, particularly as the leading heroine finds herself becoming more comfortable with her superhero persona ahead of her interactions with other big-name heroes. But even if this was a one-time thing, Marvel certainly took a swing for the fences once again with its latest effort on Disney+.

Season 1 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now fully streaming on Disney+.

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